Unlock the Secrets of Alchemy in Deckbuilder Roguelite Hermetica – Overview

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Hermetica roguelite Deckbuilding

Elixirs, Potions, and Mythical Beasts Await

Prepare to immerse in the dark and mysterious world of Hermetica, a roguelite deckbuilder set in the enchanting yet perilous streets of 16th-century Toledo. Developed by the talented team at Red Mountain and published by Abylight Studios, Hermetica blends the ancient art of alchemy with intense card-based combat.

Players begin with a modest set of cards, gradually building and enhancing their deck by mastering alchemy, combining elements to create powerful potions and elixirs. The mission is clear: take down mythical beasts and fearsome enemies lurking around every corner.

Hermetica roguelite Deckbuilder

What sets Hermetica apart is its unique movement mechanics, inspired by the best tactical games. Each card in the deck comes with a randomly assigned movement pattern, challenging players to think on their feet, dodge traps, and use the terrain to their advantage. The visuals are equally impressive, featuring an art style that pays homage to medieval manuscripts, perfectly capturing the eerie, mystical vibe of old Toledo.

As players traverse the legendary city, they will face a variety of enemies, uncover new levels, and collect a host of unique cards. With its deep integration of alchemy and strategic combat, Hermetica is poised to be an original spin on deckbuilding roguelites flavored with the magic and mystery of the medieval era.

Hermetica is still being developed for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, but no release date has been declared. Below is an overview via Steam, screens, and trailer.


Travel back to darker times, and enjoy a roguelike deckbuilder adventure, set in XVI Century. Discover the secrets of alchemy and fight mythical beasts. Hermetica combines card tactical combat and potion crafting, with a unique medieval art style.

Hermetica is a roguelike turn-based card game. Players start with a basic set of cards and must build their perfect deck, upgrade it by practicing Alchemy and use it to defeat mythical beasts and powerful enemies. Each card collected opens new opportunities in combat.

Movement mechanics are based on tactical games: each card is randomly assigned a unique movement pattern that players must use to avoid traps and dominate the battlefield. Ambush enemies and use terrain to your advantage.

Cards can be enhanced through the use of Alchemy, which consists of combining various elements and materials to craft powerful potions and elixirs in our laboratory. Enjoy the occult science based in transmutation of matter.

Hermetica is set in Sixteenth Century Toledo. You’ll travel through this legendary city while enjoying art based on medieval codices.

Each time you embark on this adventure you will find different enemies, levels and cards to collect.


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