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Wormhole – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

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Wormhole is a turn-based management and strategy game set in a mysterious new galaxy discovered by humanity. The player will be the emissary of one of the human factions who are willing to install on this new territory with their own intentions.


In-Game Background story

By the 24th century, humanity had already expanded throughout the Solar System. Different factions were formed and as humankind nature dictates war and conflict were raging on among them.

In the year 2382, a mysterious artificial wormhole suddenly appeared near the Solar system. After a couple of years of deep study, System Hope faction decided to send a small exploration fleet through it, discovering a whole new galaxy on the other side.

Three more years passed and it was already clarified that this new territory was fit for human life. Then, all factions sent their own representatives parties to establish on the new galaxy in order to expand and take faction interests into new and mysterious territory.

Wormhole story

Gameplay info

The player will start managing the selected faction with a bunch of procedural characters available for every position. Scientists, engineers, governors, admirals, and commanders.

Every passing turn the player will have to develop his faction by researching technologies, exploring, designing ships, managing the planets and answering to the faction leaders’ requests.


In this context, where the player can choose a direction for his faction, the game will generate different types of events that will require making important decisions that might alter his plans. The dynamic diplomacy system, for instance, will make the other factions unpredictable and active, and will often contact the player with proposals or demands. The player has to keep in mind that every diplomatic action has a reaction in the other factions.

Once in a while, the Galactic Senate will require all factions, including the player faction, to vote for a global law that might change the general rules of the New Galaxy.

Between intervals, different crises will be generated, this is stories driven by a series of events that affect all factions on the New Galaxy. The player will have to make some vital decisions in order to make his faction resist the given crisis and maybe even get some benefits from it.

On the military aspect, the player will have to keep his armada on the vanguard and develop technologies and strategies strong enough to face, in tactical battles, the many enemies that the New Galaxy holds.

Game Key Features

  • Full faction management: Diplomacy, laws, technology development, planetary administration, character assignments, ship designs, battle developments and more are up to the player decisions.
  • Dynamic Diplomacy: Ever-changing diplomacy scenario among all factions. Every choice has a consequence.
  • Procedural content: Every character, planet, event and almost every content of the game is procedurally generated. Guaranteeing a different experience every game.
  • Crisis: Crisis is big scale events that last several turns. They require the player to act and take important decisions in order to overcome these events as better as possible. Crisis appearance and order are procedural.
  • Tactical Real-time Battles: Unlike the campaign, battles are in real-time. And the player has a limited quantity of tactical pauses to alter strategies and use special abilities to change the course of the battle.
Wormhole diplomacy

About developer

Real Fantasy Games is a small studio with headquarters in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. They have been developing Wormhole since 2016. In 2019 we won a price on the EVA (Argentine Videogame Exposition) 2019 and got our own stand where almost 40 persons tried our demo in front of us, giving valuable feedback.

Official website:
Discord community: page: ( alpha demo available)

Release date & platforms

Wormhole release date will be somewhat around mid of 2021 for PC. They are currently beginning their search for publishers to improve the art of the game. Below the gameplay trailer. Let us know what you think about Wormhole.


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