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From VEWO Interactive Inc. comes Nexomon: Extinction. The first Nexomon game developed for PC and consoles, and the second title of the saga. Nexomon is a monster taming game, and if you enjoyed this genre in the past (Pokemon), you are going to love it.

Nexomon Extinction is settled in the world where Nexomon are fighting each other to determine their new king. Powerful monsters, denominated Tyrants, are the candidates, and they are a threat to the human settlements. You are a young man which joins the monster-tamer guild to help against the Tyrants’ threat. After a few hours of playing, the story wins important arguments, and it turns more interesting.

The story begins

Gameplay: Exploring and Catching monsters

Nexomon has tons of things to do when you explore the world. You can catch monsters for your team, there are 381 creatures waiting for you. You will discover items and treasures, you can visit secondary places like caves, or you can discover secrets, like the treasure chambers with some unique items. Also, you will fight Nexomon trainers in your way and you will complete some secondary quests apart from the main story.

You use nexotraps to catch the creatures, there are different types, from one with the 100% capture ratio to the elemental traps. You will have to complete a mini-game to catch them, touching some keys in a determinate order. This mini-game it’s a little repetitive, but you will assimilate it after playing some hours. Plus, the Nexomon can escape of the trap and you will have to try it again. You can feed the monster to increase the probability of capture too. When a savage creature kills your active partner, you can change to another, being a game over if all of them are knocked out. Also, you can put nicknames on your creatures, if you don’t like their default name.

This is the catching mini-game. Personally, I don’t like it, but after some hours you will assimilate it. Nobody is perfect

Gameplay: Nexomon fights

During your journey, you will encounter some random trainers, and some story related trainers too, to fight. The fight against the story-related ones are determined, but you can avoid the random fights if you want (I don’t recommend it), and when you defeat them you can fight again after some time. There are 5 options on the Fight Menu: Equip, to change to other of your monsters, items, to use one, run, self-explanatory, and Skills, to attack. Also, you can use the guard command, to receive less damage from the next opponent attack.

The Nexomon learn new skills when they level up. Also, they can evolve to gain better stats and learn new skills. They have a limit of 4 skills, and if they learn a new skill when they are at full capacity, they can forget one to learn the new attack. There are 9 Nexomon types: fire, water, electric, ghost, grass, flying, mineral (ground), psychic and normal, each one with their strengths and weaknesses. For example, fire is strong against grass, flying and ghost but it’s weak against water and mineral.

Beware the electric boogaloo!

Graphics, Sound & Others

The game presents cartoonish characters and monsters with a very nice variety in quality and quantity. You will see some funny scenes and Nexomon designs in line with these graphics. The soundtrack is great, every area has its own track, and all the tracks are good. Even the special situations have their own track. The game is available in different languages, and the devs are adding more (I played it on Spanish-Spain). The game has achievements, but it has not cards for the moment (steam version). It was released for Nintendo Switch and PS4 too.

Time to fight against a…chocobo? WT…?


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