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Tokyo Game Show 2023 – The Best Turn-Based RPGs Featured


After a six-month break, I’ve returned to TBL. What better way to return than with the Tokyo Game Show 2023 ...

Monster Menu The Scavenger's Cook Book

Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook – Review

Charlie Norris

I love seeing food in games. It always amazes me how the developers can make something that isn’t real, look ...

PAper Mario

Three Series that should return to their Turn-Based Roots

Charlie Norris

Don't know why, but lately I've been thinking about how great the Phantasy Star series used to be. It has rivaled the best turn-based games of the SNES and MegaDrive era; yet, for whatever reason, with the end of that era it too has ended. Sure, there were spinoffs, but nothing continuing the mainline story for almost ten years. When finally Phantasy Star Online came out on the Dreamcast it has ditched everything gamers loved about Phantasy Star - and has moved away from its turn-based roots. It was an MMO - hence "online" in its title.

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2 – review

Charlie Norris

Prinny Presents are collections of classic NIS games re-released on Switch. Like the first part, this, second volume, contains two console products in one convenient package. Those are Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound and ZHP: Unlosing Ranger Vs Darkdeath Evilman. This being my first experience with both, I was really excited, especially about ZHP. Prinny Presents 2 starts with games' selection menu. After choosing one of the two - the players arrive at the specific game's main screen.

Best Turn-Based JRPGs

Blue Pill or Red – The Caligula Effect 2 Review

Charlie Norris

The first Caligula Effect came out on PS Vita - with a later, improved Overdose Edition for Switch, PS4 and PC. Unlike its predecessor, The Caligula Effect 2 isn't a PS Vita re-release. It's an entirely new adventure, specifically for PS4 and Switch. Its world is also different from that of the first - with only loose ties between them. So, that's okay if you - like me - haven't heard of the series before.

Pit People

7 Comedy Turn-Based Games to Play Today

Charlie Norris

When I think of turn-based games, I think of many things: grand adventures, action, strategy… Rarely do I think of comedy. Sure, many had some great one-liners that made me chuckle. Still, of the ones I've played, the number of those centered around comedy is less than I can count on one hand. That's not to say comedy games don't exist. In fact, they are becoming increasingly frequent in the world of indie. This being the case, I thought it was high time for a list of comedic turn-based games - for when Turn-Based Lovers are in the mood for a laugh.


To glitch or not to glitch – tERRORbane review

Charlie Norris

Bugs - everyone's worst nightmare. Whether crawling on your ceiling, or around your game's logic - no one likes to find a bug. The more there are, the worst it is; that's a fact. But - what if a game is all about bugs? Does this somehow make them non-existent? Or is the game really just a buggy mess, using comedy to disguise how broken it is? tERRORbane is one of many games those main gimmick is being buggy. Lucky for it, I love such games, and was ready to greet with open arms a turn-based RPG that is a buggy mess.

Octopath Traveler

The Power of Eight – Octopath Traveler Review

Charlie Norris

What if I told you that there are exactly eight reasons to play Octopath Traveler - would you believe me? It seems only fitting for a game where everything revolves around the number eight. Eight stories, eight characters, eight chapters by four… Okay, that one doesn't work, but the fact remains that Octopath is obsessed with the number - so this review too will be obsessed with it.

Trails of Cold Steel 4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Review

Charlie Norris

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is the fourth part of the Trails of Cold Steel and the fourteenth of The Legend of Heroes. The Cold Steel games themselves are part of the Trails subgenre of The Legend of Heroes games. I know it all sounds really confusing. So - we have The Legend of Heroes main series. Within it, there are multiple subseries. Within these subseries, however, there are even more subseries. Cold Steel is one of those. It's like Inception: a series, within a series, within a series RPG style.

Project Witchstone

10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for PlayStation

Charlie Norris

You've read 10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for Switch, and you've probably seen the Xbox list as well. Now comes the third part in the console trilogy: 10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for PlayStation. Each of the three lists has ten games for a specific console; now, with this article completing the trilogy, console players have 30 games to look forward to. So, let's see what PlayStation has to offer.

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