War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (JP)— Review

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Final Fantasy Brave War Visions

Note: This review is for the Japanese (JP) version and not the global (GL) one. I will attempt to use the official translations for some things to avoid confusion as several things can be translated differently from the Japanese version. Also, screenshots may be of smaller size due to them being taken on an Android phone.

Developed by Square Enix and Gumi while being published by Square Enix, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was released as a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS devices in November 2019 for Japan and globally in March 2020.

Save to the cloud…no not that one

The Information Menu of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Allow me to discuss them below as you should try to go here first if you are serious about your save file.

Player Information: All information about your character avatar, player level, signature, what guild you are in, and of course your name which you can change at any time.

Items: All items in the game you acquired can be viewed here.

Story Recollection: In story mode, you have the option to skip the cut-scenes even on first viewing so should want to just battle, you can watch them all here as long as you have beaten the required battles for each one.

Options: Various options like sound, voice, and BGE volume options.

Log-in Bonus: A list of bonuses that are given each day when you log-in are displayed here.

Help: Self-explanatory.

Contact: Self-explanatory.

Visiore Information: Visiores and gems are the currency of the game for most things. Visiores come in buyable and regular forms. Certain Gacha and items in the shops require paid visiore which you must buy using real money.

Various Notices: Notices like events and campaigns are detailed here. They pop-up when you first start up the game as well.

Data Back-up: This is very important for those who are serious players. You can back-up your file via password and user number or it may be better to do it via the cloud as if you lose your password for the one you make here, it is unrecoverable. Square-Enix Japan offers a thing called Square-Enix Bridge which links your file to your Square-Enix account, which can be made for free.

Official Website: Self-explanatory.

Return to Main Title Menu: Self-explanatory.

War. What is it good for? Lots of video games’ backstories.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mainly deals with the kingdoms: of Leonis, Fennes, Hourne, Wezzet, and Sanctum on the continent of Ardra. The protagonist of the story, Mont Leonis, a young prince, is at odds with how his father is going about running the country. His concerns come about as he is soon in line for the throne. He and his kingdom will soon have to go through tough battles with the other kingdoms as sometimes they will be at odds with each other to say the least. You get to experience what is going on with other countries as well as they have may or may not have an effect on the Leonis kingdom.

The hero of the story, Mont Leonis, who is in line to become king.

Event information is displayed here as well as your avatar and other key information on top. It can be accessed via the home menu.

Battles that are tuned to mobile devices

There is a lot to digest here in the screenshot above so let’s take it one by one. On the top-left is turn order with the current acting member listed as ‘Active.’ From there you can either move, attack, use an ability, use an ‘Esper’, or just wait. The health bar above each character has an element symbol in which some can be weak or be resistant to.

Chaining involves attacking of the same type and element chaining is attacking with the same type of element. The more one chains, the higher the damage is potentially. A lot of battles require chains for bonuses so try not to neglect them.

Auto-battle can be vital as sometimes it is hard to go to right square and choose correctly when first starting out. There is a speed-up function that can go up to two times speed although that takes a while to unlock through something the game implements called ‘Royal Rank.’ The 1.5x speed in unlocked only after a couple of battles however and can be toggled during battle. It is listed to the right of the amount of treasure acquired.

Various battles for the battle hungry

Raid: You basically take on a strong monster either by yourself or with help from people online. The strong monsters will keep reappearing after each battle getting stronger each time they are beaten. There is a in-game and out-game time limit for the raids to take place as well as number of times you can attempt.

Events: Here are just a different set of battles where you can strengthen your characters or farm for materials. Some may be time-limited.

Selection Quests: Battles where you there is some sort of restriction like only bringing a team which has a certain element or rarity restriction. The benefit is that many at least when I tried them had a character join after the first battle for each section.

Strong Monster Space: I am not sure how this is translated but you fight harder battles to get summon awakening materials.

Porcelain Tower: A high-level quest where you try to make it through the several floors of the tower in one go. This event does not occur all the time.

Multi-quests: Here you can choose several different quests most of which are just harder event quests. You can choose to create a room or you can join a room where up to four people can attempt a multi-battle. You can befriend them afterwards if you have enough space in your friend list.

The Final Fantasy guild

Asking and responding to every friend request that comes your way is a good idea starting out. As you can see above, I was just a beginner and many people at the max levels were willing to accept my request. Since you add optionally add a companion to most battles, it is can significantly lower the difficulty if you have a hard time.

Another thing you should attempt to do as soon as possible is join a guild. A guild may or may not have a trial for newcomers. In my case, I joined via a trial. I chatted a little and such and a few days later, the leader accepted me as a full-fledged member. You experience may vary though.

The benefits of joining a guild include more Visiore should you check-in every day, access to barracks in which you can level up your JP and Vision cards, as well as have a dedicated chat for its members.

Here is the main unit menu in which you can level jobs, learn abilities, awaken units, and level break the max level. Any time you see the white exclamation point in a red circle, that means something new can be completed. In this case above, I could raise a job level and level various abilities or learn new ones.


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