5 Turn Based RPGs We Think Minecraft Fans Will Love

Written by Tom Belfort

South Park

It isn’t often that we talk about Minecraft on this site. We focus our attention mainly on the world of Turn Based Strategies. But I must admit I have spent much more time playing Minecraft than I ever intended.

There’s just something about the game that is wholly unique. It is both simple yet vastly complex at the same time. I’ve been especially addicted to the Skyblock game mode. A challenging map where you start on a tiny island in the sky and have to survive with limited resources. I have been trying to get as many of my friends to broaden their horizons and give it a go. If you’re also interested in trying it, then these are some of the Minecraft skyblock servers I have spent most of my time on.

So why am I discussing Minecraft so much? Well, it’s simple. I always denounced the game until I finally caved and gave it a try. And I bet there are a lot of Minecraft fans out there that have never dabbled in Turn-Based RPGs. So, in the interest of bringing some new fans into the genre, here are 5 Turn Based RPGs I know any fans of Minecraft will adore!

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

Created by the famous Penny Arcade, this series of games takes the turn-based genre and twists it on its head. The first two games are all done in an animated style, while the last two switch to retro 8-bit graphics. So why will Minecraft fans love this game series?

Most turn-based RPGs often take themselves very seriously. But Precipice of Darkness does the opposite. It deconstructs all the regular tropes of the genre charmingly without sacrificing any of the core gameplay for laughs. The characters are inventive and witty. The weapons and items are odd, yet they never feel out of place in the world they have created. And the combat and RPG mechanics are simple enough for anyone to master but complex enough to ensure you are challenged. And with four titles in the series, you will have plenty of gameplay to keep you occupied for a while.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

South Park is one of the most infamous shows on TV. It has been on the air for 25 years now and has a few more still to go. So it’s no surprise that there are spinoff games. And the Stick of Truth is actually one of the most inventive turn-based RPGs to come out in recent years.

Minecraft fans will adore this game, provided they are old enough to play it. Much like Precipice of Darkness, The Stick of Truth never takes itself too seriously. The game is full of the comedy you’d expect from the kids of South Park. But none of the gameplay is sacrificed. The game has some unique mechanics that separate it from other generic turn-based RPGs. The game is often on sale on Steam and the PS store, so we highly recommend grabbing it if you can.

Persona 5

One of the most famous turn-based RPGs on the market. The persona series is famous for its massive stories, unique character designs, and intricate combat mechanics. But the game turns away from regular turn-based RPGs with its social system. Persona is all about forging bonds with the other characters. This strengthens the mystical creatures you use in combat, known as the Personas. Many fans of the series claim that the real draw of the game isn’t the combat but the unique interactions between the characters. 


Undertale came out of nowhere and shocked the gaming world. On the surface, it seems like an unsuspecting 8-bit turn based RPG. But in reality, it is an immensely complex game with a heart-wrenching story and incredible characters. The game breaks away from the classic turn based RPG format by offering players the choice to do a complete pacifist run. That’s right, you can go the whole game without ever killing a single enemy. We cannot recommend this game enough.

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is slightly different from the other options on this list. It is a deck-building rogue-like that has players progress up a massive tower filled with monsters, demons, and other horrible creatures. The combat is carried out using cards drawn from a deck you collect throughout the game. Slay the Spire is a challenging game that rewards players who take the time to plan.

Fair warning, you will lose many times. Don’t like this discourage you. Losing is all part of the game. It allows you better to learn the mechanics and cards available to you so you can formulate a winning strategy.