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Collecting Cards Done Right: How To Keep Your Cards In Good Condition

Written by Marcello TBL

Cards in Good Condition

Everyone has their own hobbies that they cherish no matter how eccentric they may seem to others. Some of the most common amusements that people have are collecting coins from different countries and times, postcards, and different cards like sports cards, magazine cards, Pokémon cards, and many others. Collecting things is great, but it’s not as simple as it may seem.

For people who like collecting cards, the biggest challenge is to keep these collectibles safely stored to always look as good as new. Many card collectors like to trade some cards in their collection for others they value more, and this requires that these collectibles be in perfect condition. If you’re one of those who are passionate about assembling a variety of cards from different eras and distinct genres, you’re at the right place. We bring you some of the best methods to store your most cherished items.

Keep cards in good conditions

Store Them in Binders

For those who love gathering cards but don’t own thousands of them, putting them in binders is one of the best ways to keep them safe and on display. Binders come in several shapes, sizes, and qualities of the material. Since your collection is invaluable to you, choosing the size that fits your items and the best quality guarantees that they are well guarded. The downside to binders is that they have a limited storage capacity and they can be a bit costly. Still, using binders as storage is worth it.

Use Card Sleeves

Sleeves are one of the best ways to store your cards safely, protecting them against any damages. You can get the sleeves that fit their shape and size. According to fellow card players at, you can even choose the image you want for your customized sleeves, especially if you like collecting playing card decks. Sleeves also help you protect them against any weather conditions for as long as you need. These sleeves are also quite affordable and worthy of what you’ll pay.

Keep Them in Boxes

One of the best things about boxes is that they’re extremely attainable. You can reuse boxes from any items you previously bought and collect your stuff in them. They can be shoe boxes, those from your online packages, or anything you can think of. Brand new cardboard boxes are also another option as these are quite cheap. The great thing about these is that you can gather numerous cards inside since they have a large capacity. Even small boxes are excellent for keeping your decks or cards, as long as you choose the right height that fits their dimensions.

Avoid Humidity and Sunlight

When you choose the best place to store your valuable collections, make sure it’s a dry place that isn’t exposed to sunlight. Sunlight is beneficial to our bodies and skin but deadly to cards, with whatever the material they’re made of. Sunlight causes the colors to fade and the item itself to wear out. Humidity isn’t any better for your stack either. Water and humidity ruin your items by weakening them as well as damaging the colors. Whether you’re keeping your stack for your own good or want to trade them for others in return or make some money out of your hobby, sunlight and water or humidity will likely kill these plans.

Don’t Lock Them Away on Floors

Besides having to bend over to pick them up, the floor is not the safest place to keep precious belongings. Putting your stuff on shelves or tables is much more secure than putting them on the floor. Another reason is that no matter where you keep them, stumbling upon your boxes or stacks is inevitable. There will be cases that you may slip and fall or accidentally ruin your stuff in any way, so it’s always better safe than sorry.

Arrange them by Category

Based on the card types you like collecting, organizing them in categories makes it much easier for you to find certain types you are looking for. You can categorize your stacks according to the year they were made and the type of games you can play with them. Depending on the variety of stacks you own, you can arrange them in any way that makes it easier for you to pick up whichever pile you want.

Cards in Good Condition

Having a hobby is something you should cherish no matter what the hobby is. When you’re into something and you want to keep physical items related to what you like, you always want to make sure they’re unharmed. To guarantee your valuable things are secure, pack them using the most trusted, best quality materials you can get. You may need to pay some money, but when you really cherish something, you don’t mind spending much money as long as it is spent wisely and that your valuable stuff is absolutely worth it.


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