Top 9 Best Kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms: 

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Early, Mid, and End Game Strategies Revealed

Choosing the right civilization in “Rise of Kingdoms” can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. Each civilization offers unique perks that can give you strategic advantages during different stages of the game. Whether you’re just starting out, building up your mid-game strength, or preparing for epic end-game battles, selecting the appropriate civilization is crucial. This guide will help you navigate the best choices for early, mid, and end games in “Rise of Kingdoms.” 

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1. Top 3 best civilizations for the early game in Rise of Kingdoms:

In the early game, your focus should be on rapid growth and establishing a strong foundation. Here are the top civilizations to consider:


China emerges as the premier choice for early game enthusiasts in Rise of Kingdoms, all thanks to the formidable leadership of Sun Tzu. With a combat style centered around Rage, Sun Tzu exhibits unparalleled prowess by striking multiple targets simultaneously, delivering both substantial damage and unmatched adaptability on the battlefield.

Choosing China as your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms offers new players a strategic advantage that extends far beyond the early stages of the game. With a 5% increase in building speed, players can swiftly progress to City Hall level 22, enhancing their chances of joining top alliances and gaining a competitive edge. The additional 5% boost in action point recovery facilitates faster progression and contributes to overall gameplay efficiency. 

Moreover, starting with Sun Tzu as a commander provides invaluable leadership throughout the mid-game and beyond, ensuring continued relevance and effectiveness in various scenarios. Sun Tzu’s synergy with commanders like Eulji and Joan amplifies battlefield effectiveness, particularly in group fights. While other starting commanders may offer advantages in early 1v1 encounters, focusing on Sun Tzu and Belisarius ensures long-term viability and relevance across different stages of the game. Strategic planning is crucial, with players advised to prioritize the development of commanders like Boudica alongside Sun Tzu, ensuring a balanced and formidable army composition. In summary, selecting China as your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms sets a solid foundation for sustained success, thanks to its unique bonuses and exceptional leadership options.


While China stands out as a popular choice for early game endeavors in Rise of Kingdoms, Britain presents itself as another viable civilization option.

Britain’s starting commander is Boudica, and its special unit is the Longbowman. The 20% increase in Ally Garrison capacity allows players to house more allies in their city, significantly enhancing defense against incoming attacks and enabling substantial damage to attackers. However, this buff is most beneficial if you have a strong alliance; it is less effective for solo players or those with weaker alliances who can’t provide adequate support.

The 5% boost in training speed is particularly advantageous in the later stages of the game, enabling faster production of T4-5 units and helping to establish a larger and stronger army more quickly. This boost is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge as the game progresses.

The 5% increase in Archer attack is beneficial for players who focus on building archer-heavy armies. While some may find universal unit buffs more useful, Britain’s archer attack bonus can be strategically advantageous for players who prefer specializing in archer units.

Despite the prevailing sentiment favoring China as the superior starter civilization, selecting Britain can yield exceptional outcomes owing to its advantageous buffs, especially if you enjoy an archer-centric playstyle and have a strong alliance to support your defenses.


Japan is a versatile and strategic choice for early game players in Rise of Kingdoms, offering a well-rounded set of bonuses that cater to various aspects of gameplay. 

With Kusunoki Masashige as the starting commander and the Samurai as its special unit, Japan provides a 30% increase in scout march speed, a 5% boost to resource gathering speed, and a 3% increase in troop attack. The scout march speed bonus is particularly beneficial during the early stages, allowing players to quickly unlock the kingdom map and maximize early exploration rewards, though its importance lessens later in the game. The resource gathering speed enhancement accelerates the collection of all types of resources, facilitating faster growth and development. Meanwhile, the troop attack boost applies to all unit types, enhancing combat effectiveness universally. Japan’s combination of fast scout movement, increased resource gathering, and enhanced troop attack makes it an excellent choice for establishing a strong foundation and maintaining a competitive edge in the early stages of Rise of Kingdoms.

2. Top 3 best civilizations for the mid-game in Rise of Kingdoms:

At level 10, you receive a Civilization Change item, allowing you to switch civilizations to better suit mid-game priorities such as enhanced combat and faster progression. Here are the top picks:


Germany is an excellent choice for the mid-game in Rise of Kingdoms, thanks to its synergistic buffs. 

With a 5% boost to both cavalry attack and troop training speed, along with a 10% increase in action point recovery, Germany provides a well-rounded advantage that benefits all players, whether free-to-play or spenders. This civilization also unlocks Hermann, one of the top Archer commanders, ideal for players focusing on tanky and rage-based attacks. The 5% troop training speed is particularly helpful during the mid-game when you need to train large numbers of troops.

The 10% action point recovery allows for faster leveling of commanders and quicker accumulation of rewards. Free-to-play players and moderate spenders should prioritize using cavalry units until the late game. Cavalry units offer the flexibility to choose targets strategically, taking down weaker opponents and dictating the pace of battles. While archers deliver massive AoE damage and infantry can counter cavalry, the speed of cavalry units gives them a tactical edge, allowing them to outmaneuver slower units.

In group battles, it is advisable not to send cavalry units directly into the fray due to their vulnerability and lack of AoE damage. Instead, use them to isolate and eliminate enemy units one by one. This approach maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses, ensuring effective use in combat scenarios.


Soon after its debut, Egypt became a popular choice for mid-game players in Rise of Kingdoms. The civilization offers buffs similar to Arabia, but tailored for an archer-focused strategy. With Egypt, you benefit from a 5% increase in archer attack, a 5% boost in damage for rallied armies, and a 1.5% increase in building and research speed.

Even if you’re not focusing solely on archers, Egypt’s bonuses for building and research speed are still highly valuable. Although Cleopatra VII may not be the best combat commander, she excels in resource gathering. Overall, Egypt showcases the full potential of archers and encourages experimentation with various playstyles.


The Ottoman civilization is arguably the best choice in Rise of Kingdoms due to its impressive boosts in troop marching speed, archer unit HP, and active skill damage. These aggressive attributes are particularly advantageous as combat and damage become more critical after the early game. While Osman may not be the strongest commander, he excels as a secondary commander, complementing leaders like Sun Tzu, Joan, and Herman. An archer-heavy team under Osman benefits greatly from his powerful nuking abilities, which are highly effective in early game battles. The +5% troop marching speed is crucial for swift movement in Alliance battlegrounds, the +5% archer unit HP is ideal for those focusing on archers, and the +5% active skill damage enhances the effectiveness of all nuker commanders, making the Ottoman civilization a formidable choice for boosting battlefield efficiency.

3. Top 3 best civilizations for the end game in Rise of Kingdoms:

In the end game, focus shifts to large-scale battles, advanced research, and maintaining a competitive edge. These civilizations excel in these areas:


For the ultimate end-game civilization in Rise of Kingdoms, Korea stands out as an excellent choice due to its powerful advantages, particularly its 3% research speed bonus. As research becomes increasingly vital and time-consuming in the late game, this bonus can save you significant amounts of Speedups and money, enabling you to unlock T5 units much faster than your competitors. Additionally, Korea’s 15% hospital capacity boost gives you a significant edge in battles, allowing you to heal more troops and sustain prolonged engagements.

By the time you reach the end game, you will likely have Yi Seong Gye, one of the best archer commanders in the game. Korea’s 5% archer defense buff further enhances your archers’ durability, making your army even more formidable. Starting with Commander Eulji Mundeok and featuring the special unit Hwarang, Korea offers formidable advantages. The increased hospital capacity is crucial for preserving your high-tier units during intense battles, while the research speed boost is particularly beneficial for progressing through the lengthy research required for T4 and T5 units. Although the archer defense bonus may depend on your playstyle, the overall benefits of Korea make it an optimal civilization for the late stages of Rise of Kingdoms. If necessary, you can always switch civilizations using a free scroll or by purchasing one for 10,000 gems, ensuring you adapt to the evolving demands of the game.


For players willing to invest real money in Rise of Kingdoms, Arabia emerges as a top-tier civilization choice. 

Offering increased cavalry attack (5%), heightened damage against barbarians and neutral units (10%), and amplified damage dealt by rallied armies (5%), Arabia provides unparalleled buffs tailored for those who heavily rely on cavalry units. Particularly advantageous for players who frequently initiate rallies and lead attacks on governor cities, Barbarian Forts, or Alliance buildings, the 5% increase in damage dealt by rallied armies is especially significant, typically only achievable through Shrine buffs. Moreover, the 10% damage boost against barbarians and neutral units synergizes perfectly with the rallied army buff, resulting in a formidable combination when attacking Barbarian Forts, for instance. With a special unit focused on cavalry, Arabia is an ideal choice for players building full cavalry units and aspiring to take on the role of the rally leader. Positioned as an excellent option for players in the later stages of the game, particularly those who have been playing for a while and seek to maximize their strategic advantages, Arabia stands out as a top-tier civilization, especially for those willing to invest resources into their Rise of Kingdoms journey.


France, with Joan of Arc as the starting commander and the Throwing Axeman as its special unit, offers several strategic advantages suitable for different stages of the game in Rise of Kingdoms. 

The 20% increase in hospital healing speed proves particularly advantageous in the later stages of the game, facilitating faster recovery of units after intense battles. This buff can significantly benefit players focusing on healing speed, especially during Alliance Battlegrounds, where quick healing can make a difference. Additionally, the 10% wood gathering speed bonus may not be a priority for all players, but it can still provide some advantages, particularly for those who invest heavily in grinding. Moreover, the 3% troop HP increase enhances the durability of all troop units on the battlefield, making France a solid choice for players seeking to strengthen their forces. Overall, France emerges as a compelling civilization option, especially for those prioritizing healing speed and looking to excel in Alliance Battlegrounds.

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In conclusion, selecting the right civilization is crucial for maximizing your strategic potential and achieving success in Rise of Kingdoms. Each civilization offers unique advantages tailored to different stages of the game, from early development to late-game dominance. Whether you prioritize rapid growth, fortifying defenses, or excelling in large-scale battles, there’s a civilization suited to your playstyle. From China’s early-game building speed to Korea’s end-game research bonuses, each civilization presents distinct strengths and opportunities for players. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each civilization and adapting your strategy accordingly, you can lead your kingdom to glory and conquer the world of Rise of Kingdoms.