Superheroes and Fire Emblem Collide in SRPG Covert Crew – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Covert Crew SRPG With super Heroes

Two keywords that pique curiosity no matter what: Super Heroes and Fire Emblem. Covert Crew merges these two words to create what is described as a superpowered SRPG championing a tactical, turn-based approach that harkens back to genre classics while weaving in modern nuances.

Developed and published by indie studio TYB Games, this 2D strategy RPG put players into a near-futuristic universe brimming with individuals endowed with extraordinary powers, following the narrative of Solitude, a once-shamed hero. He assembles the Covert Crew to thwart a shadowy new syndicate that’s stirring trouble.

Covert Crew SRPG

The game’s mechanics are rooted in classic 2D turn-based tactical combat, enhanced by strategic grid-based battles that introduce inventive win conditions and challenging boss fights. With over 20 diverse playable units, each offering unique abilities, players can recruit and synergize their squad to maximize their effectiveness in combat.

The in-game interactions, termed quips, further enrich this dynamic, fostering deeper bonds between characters that unlock new scenes and provide crucial in-battle bonuses. Additionally, the game allows players to equip power modulators, tailoring attacks with modifications that can alter power levels and speed and even introduce status effects.

Besides its rich combat system, Covert Crew also features an innovative Power Pentagon system that redefines the classic elemental strengths and weaknesses scheme, integrating five distinct power types: Energy, Elemental, Spatial, Physical, and Mystical.

Moreover, the game includes a combat simulator where players can train their units within a roguelite-inspired setup, complete with procedurally generated maps and an augment system that offers endless possibilities for character enhancement and strategic refinement.

Covert Crew is still in development on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Below is an overview with screens, and trailer.


Set in a near future fictional universe that is populated by ‘powered’ individuals, disgraced hero Solitude looks to stop an emerging and mysterious syndicate by forming his own powered group – the Covert Crew.

• Classic 2D Turn-Based Tactical Combat
Strategic grid-based battles with fresh and creative win conditions and boss battles.

• Over 20+ Playable Units
Recruit from a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique power.

• Synergize With your Teammates
Featuring in-battle ‘quips’, increase your synergy with other units to unlocking new bonding scenes and in-battle bonuses.

• Your Power is Your Weapon
Equip power modulators to modify your attacks, increase power, speed or even add the chance to inflict status effects. Unlock and craft new modulators as the game progresses.

• Power Pentagon System
Replacing a certain ‘triangle’, the power pentagon utilizes the five power types in Covert Crew for strengths/weaknesses.
(Energy, Elemental, Spatial, Physical & Mystical)

• A Wide Range of Abilities
Differing from the traditional ‘move and attack’, your units are also able to cast unique abilities that can influence the battle in various ways. (Attacks, buffs, debuffs, terrain control and more!)

• Enter the Combat Simulator
Train your units in a roguelite inspired mode which includes procedurally generated maps, an augment system and blueprints to unlock new modulators and skills.


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