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Top RPG News And Annuncements

Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games of the Last Week Plus Some TBL Website Updates

Welcome to a new Weekly RPG Recap! Before diving into the latest news and releases from the past week, I’d like to share a quick update. Over the last few days, I’ve been working on refreshing the site and updating various sections with new descriptions and photos. It’s a slow process that I fit into my spare moments. Regarding the content, I’ve decided to dedicate as much time as possible to overviews because Turn Based Lovers started with them and should continue in that direction. I believe this content is the best way to highlight titles that often go unnoticed, and it’s also what I enjoy doing the most.

I commit to releasing at least one list per week and covering any last-minute news, followed by this weekly recap to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Reviews will keep coming, courtesy of TBL contributors. That said, if anyone is interested in contributing to articles (reviews, lists, interviews, and more), feel free to contact me at [email protected].

News and Announcements

With that little update out of the way, it’s time to talk about news and announcements. This week has plenty to offer!

ALZARA – A Tribute to JRPG Classics

ALZARA Radiant Echoes RPG

This week’s spotlight is going to ALZARA Radiant Echoes, a tribute to JRPG classics with an amazing graphic style and a solid combat system with summons features. The game is running a Kickstarter Campaign and reached its goal after 48 hours.

In ALZARA players embark on an epic journey with Kayla and her allies, who master elemental magic to combat the invading forces of Vedores. The combat system features a unique swap mechanic allowing players to switch characters between the front and back lines and a system of making offerings to summon powerful Legends. If you want to learn more about it, check out my overview.

4X Ice-Age Strategy Game The Ancients

On June 5, the highly anticipated turn-based prehistoric survival strategy game The Ancients will make its debut on PC in Early Access. Available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG, this title is the brainchild of the small indie studio GorillaSoftworks, based in Turkey, and is published by Camlann Games. Inspired by the real-time strategy hit Dawn of Man, The Ancients promises to deliver a unique turn-based experience that will test players’ survival skills against the harshest conditions our ancestors faced.

The Ancients builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, incorporating deep mechanics and a rich world teeming with diverse wildlife, real Ice Age biomes, and increasingly challenging migration routes. Players will navigate through a deep skill tree and manage a host of historically accurate resources and animals—over 60 in total. With 75+ research nodes and society paths, each playthrough offers a fresh challenge and a variety of strategies to explore.

One-Inch Tactics Launching in a Few Days

Publisher KOMODO and developer Kogado Studio are excited to announce that the turn-based strategy game, One-inch Tactics, will be launching for PC via Steam on May 20, priced at $19.99.

One-Inch Tactics

One-inch Tactics offers players a fresh turn-based strategy experience, blending simple design with deep strategic complexity. Players will navigate various terrains—mountains, urban areas, and fortresses—carefully considering line of sight and line of fire to strategize effectively. Each pilot in the game has unique strengths and weaknesses, making squad organization crucial for success. Immerse yourself in a relaxed, tabletop-like atmosphere while turning the tide of war with nuanced strategies in One-inch Tactics.

Comedic Deckbuilder SerialWorld Announced

SerialProject, a Japanese indie studio established in 2023 and consisting of just two core members, has announced its upcoming RPG, SerialWorld. Described as a “comedic yet serious RPG” and deckbuilder, SerialWorld is set to release on PC via Steam in 2025, supporting both English and Japanese languages.

SerialWorld follows the adventures of a boy named Milo and a mysterious creature named Anima as they explore a fantastical world to unravel the town’s mysteries. This RPG promises to be accessible to both seasoned deck-building game players and newcomers alike, offering an engaging tale full of humor and depth. Below is the announcement trailer.

Electrifying New VR Tactics Experience

Indie developer Tin Man Games has just announced NEON Squad Tactics, an electrifying new tactical turn-based VR experience, set to launch this summer for Meta Quest devices via the Meta Store.

NEON Squad Tactics plunges players into UltraCity’s cybernetic underworld as elite bounty hunters. Players engage in strategic battles, shape the city’s destiny, and navigate a stunning virtual world with a hyper-retro 90s aesthetic and a modern synthwave soundtrack. The game offers both a compelling single-player campaign and multiplayer online co-op mode for up to 4 players.

In NEON Squad Tactics, players become Operators, projecting their consciousness into a team of skilled heroes known as the NEON Squad. The game features turn-based tactical battles, an in-game wagering system, and extensive customization options. Players can recruit new squad members, craft advanced weaponry, and enhance their cybernetic capabilities. Featuring 31 playfields across three diverse biomes, players can choose from eight unique squad members, each with distinct skills and abilities.

Tactical Roguelite Monster Catching Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Dicefolk, the tactical roguelite centered around dice-based combat and monster-catching mechanics, will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on June 20. Pre-orders are available now on the Nintendo eShop with a 20% discount from the original $14.99 price until June 19.

Dicefolk Tactical Roguelite

Originally released on Steam in February to critical acclaim, Dicefolk boasts a “Very Positive” rating, with 88% of reviews being positive. Switch players can soon dive into its strategic gameplay, where they command both their own and their enemies’ turns. This unique mechanic enhances the strategy in each battle, allowing players to influence the abilities available in encounters by choosing which dice faces to bring along.

Don’t Miss This Acclaimed 4X Strategy….For Free

ENDLESS Legend, the acclaimed 4X Strategy Game from Amplitude Studios, is available for free download on Steam until May 23. Originally released in 2014, this fantasy 4X title allows players to control one of eight asymmetrical factions and manage every aspect of their civilization to save the dying world of Auriga from an eternal freeze.

Endless Legend

To claim ENDLESS™ Legend on Steam, download the game between May 16th at 18:00 BST and May 23rd at 18:00 BST, and it will be yours to keep forever. Don’t miss this opportunity.

New Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games Releases

Let’s see what’s new to play this week on PC and Consoles.

Story-Driven RPG Wildermyth Launches its new DLC

The new DLC for Wildermyth, titled Omenroad, is now available for purchase, offering players a fresh gameplay experience with a roguelike tactical challenge mode and an expansive new story campaign called A Walk in the Unlight.

Wildermyth New DLC

This DLC, which can be bought individually or as part of a discounted bundle with the base game and Armors and Skins DLC, introduces 20 new boss fights, 75 battle maps, and numerous new artifacts and augments. Additionally, Wildermyth is on sale for 30% off on Steam until May 20th as part of the Endless Replayability Fest, making it an ideal time to explore this richly developed indie RPG.

Unique RPG Athenian Rhapsody Available on PC and Consoles

Athenian Rhapsody is a unique, souls-like platonic dating simulator combined with cooking-mama and WarioWare-style battle mechanics, developed by Nico Papalia and published by Top Hat Studios, this choose-your-own-adventure action RPG lets players forge their own story in the world of Athens, where decisions shape the narrative and entire playthroughs can be traded between friends.

Athenian Rhapsody RPG

Players control the protagonist, Alea, navigating challenges through battles or quirky interactions, while assembling a party from 16 potential companions. With “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, this comedic RPG offers an engaging blend of intense battles, humor, and strategic depth.

Card-Based rogue-lite Spellcats Available

Spellcats: Auto Card Tactics is a roguelite card game developed and published by Nintai Studios, where players assume the role of the only sentient cat in a world dominated by humans. With the magical ability to summon elemental cats, players navigate through mysterious dungeons, build strategic card combos, and battle against the oppressive Nekocasters to free their fellow felines.

Spellcats Deckbuilding

Featuring a vibrant deck of diverse cats and five elemental gameplay styles—Water, Electric, Fire, Ice, and Earth—the game offers a rich, replayable experience enhanced by unique trinkets that augment the abilities of your summoned kitten army.

Tactical RPG Wantless Now In Its 1.0 version

Tactical RPG Wantless has officially launched its 1.0 release, concluding its Early Access phase. Players can now immerse themselves in the completed 35-hour storyline, delving into the minds of patients to confront inner monsters and unravel complex mysteries.


With millions of skill combinations, Wantless offers a deep and challenging experience. Players can customize their character with lots of talent tree perks and numerous upgradable equipment pieces.

Tactical Roguelite Revelatio Now On PC

Revelatio is a turn-based tactical game developed and published by Guild Studio, combining tile-based combat with roguelite elements. This game immerses players in a dark, strategic journey where they summon and control units to corrupt a world of holiness.

Revelatio RPG Roguelite

As the primal darkness, players can corrupt and convert enemies, NPCs, and even bosses into their followers using a unique faith system. The game also features a “stigmata” mechanic, allowing players to bestow powerful traits on their units to create a formidable army. With randomly generated stages and maps, a New Game Plus mode, and the ability to register eternal followers in the Divine Hall, Revelatio offers a deeply replayable and strategic experience not to miss.

Crazy Colorful Roguelite Break The Loop Available

Break the Loop is a turn-based roguelite RPG developed and published by Mastodonte, now available on PC. In Break the Loop, players compose a team of four heroes from a roster of twelve and navigate a customizable timeline filled with random events to gain power and prepare for the ultimate threat: an abyssal monster bent on enslaving humanity.

Break The Loop

The game features dynamic turn-based combat, where each character’s actions influence their positioning and strategies, creating a fluid and tactical experience. With a mix of treasures, merchants, and multiple-choice dialogues, Break the Loop challenges players to craft the perfect build to stop the apocalypse.

Legendary Strategy Games Now Available on Steam

Legendary strategy games make a triumphant return as the five original Close Combat titles and the Warlords series are now available on Steam. Optimized for modern systems, these classics offer new generations of players the chance to experience strategic masterpieces that defined the genre. The Close Combat series, celebrated for its historical accuracy and intense World War II battles, includes titles like Close Combat, Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far, and Close Combat 3: The Russian Front.


Meanwhile, fans of fantasy strategy can dive into the immersive worlds of the Warlords series, featuring Warlords I + II and Warlords III: Darklords Rising. Each game retains its original charm while benefiting from modern enhancements, ensuring smooth gameplay and addressing past technical issues based on community feedback.

SCP Operations Now On PC

In Tactical RPG SCP Operations, players command a specialized squad within an enigmatic world where a fictional secret organization is dedicated to securing, containing, and protecting against supernatural anomalies.

SCP: The Expedition

Tasked with tracking down a kidnapped professor and thwarting the nefarious Chaos Insurgency in northern Canada, players enhance their team, customize load-outs, and engage in strategic battles. The game emphasizes exploration, where investigating locations and uncovering their secrets is crucial for mission success.

Traditional Roguelike The Land Beneath Us Available On PC And Consoles

The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based roguelite dungeon crawler available on Pc, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Rooted in Welsh mythology, players journey through Annwn’s Underworld, wielding stylish weaponry and unleashing skill combos to conquer the Seven Lords, save The Creator, and retrieve vital Soul-Tech.

The Land Beneath Us

With a mix of dynamic encounters, customizable movement combinations, and a diverse arsenal ranging from Blood Axes to Lazer Pistols, the game offers a highly replayable experience. Players can enhance their stats and abilities by collecting souls, tailoring their strategy to either direct combat or potent ranged attacks.

First-Person Dungeon Crawler StarCrawlers Chimera Now Out Of Early Access

StarCrawlers Chimera is a first-person, turn-based cyberpunk RPG developed and published by Juggernaut Games, now available in its 1.0 version on PC via Steam. Players infiltrate the Chimera BioPharma complex to locate the elusive Dr. Cerberus, customizing their characters from a diverse array of abilities and skill trees inspired by the StarCrawlers universe.

Starcrawlers Chimera RPG

Whether embodying a stealthy cyberninja, a fiery pyromaniac soldier, or a mind-bending void psyker, players navigate procedurally-generated floors filled with futuristic enemies, unique loot, and tactical battles. The game offers a high degree of replayability with lots of enemy types, weapons, and gear items, alongside various difficulty modes and optional permadeath, allowing for deeply personalized and strategic gameplay.

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