Fight the Humankind in Tactical RPG Beat The Humans – Overview

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Beat the Humans PC Tactical RPG

Kill those Human Invaders

Featured in my last list of cool demos to try during the Endlessly Replayable Festival, Beat the Humans takes players right into the thick of an interstellar showdown, offering a unique twist on the turn-based tactical RPG genre. Developed and published by indie Dochungryest, this game is set to drop in 2024.

Forget the usual Earth defense storyline; here, players lead an alien army tasked with defending their home turf against relentless human invaders. Players need to strategically assemble a squad of aliens, each with their own special abilities and gear, to push back the human forces threatening galactic freedom.

Beat The humans RPG

The action unfolds on the game’s expansive space map. Players must fend off human attacks while forging crucial alliances for survival. The missions are diverse, ranging from capturing and defending planets to rescuing civilians and battling monstrous entities on desolate asteroids. The turn-based combat system requires careful planning, with players using a mix of abilities, weapons, and combat robots to outsmart the human troops.

In Beat the Humans, players can build and continually upgrade a personalized team from a pool of procedurally generated heroes. Each battle provides a chance to exploit the terrain and combine team skills to outmaneuver enemies. Collecting powerful artifacts further boosts the squad’s capabilities, making each decision crucial to the broader galactic struggle. A fresh take on the alien vs. human conflict.

Beat the Humans will probably arrive sometime in 2024 on PC via Steam. Below an overview of the game, with screens and trailer.


Beat the Humans is the turn-based tactical role-playing game. Here you lead a squad of aliens against invaders from the human race. Your choices as well as the tactical and combat skills of your soldiers will determine whether the free races of the galaxy will be able to resist the superior force of the human army.

On the space map the squad under your command will have to thwart enemy attacks. The help of allies is also important! Capture and defend planets, rescue civilians or destroy monsters on abandoned asteroids. By engaging in combat, you take control of your squad directly. Use abilities, explosives, melee and ranged weapons and the destructive power of combat robots in turn-based combat to destroy the enemy.

  • Assemble and upgrade your squad from a customized set of generated heroes.
  • Fight in complex turn-based battles, combining skills and using the battlefield situation to your advantage.
  • Control the galactic system, taking advantage of enemy vulnerabilities in time.
  • Collect artifacts that give you an advantage in battle.


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