Video games are becoming more important than real life: the virtual world captures a person’s?

Written by Alice Homes

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Video games are becoming more important than real life: the virtual world captures a person’s attention, and they spend their time escaping from reality in a virtual world. The question that arises is whether this is something good or bad. In the last decade, the world of video games has developed by leaps and bounds. Video games have become more realistic with 3-D graphics and characters with advanced AI (artificial intelligence). This has led to the further development of technology in this field.

Virtual World

This can lead to problems in real life, as people are more focused on the virtual world than their own, you can even read many essays about video games about this, which describe the negative and positive influences in more detail.  With all this, your brain learns to be under constant stress. This is not good, because when you feel threatened or scared? Your brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical released when you eat a piece of chocolate or play games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, which makes them addictive too! Once your body gets used to getting dopamine every time it’s threatened? That’s when things get dangerous: it will need more and more of those feelings to feel normal again!

Video games are addictive because they are designed that way.

Video games are addictive for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that video games are designed to be addictive. Video game designers know how to keep you playing for as long as possible, even if your life depends on it. They want you to play their game for hours and hours and hours. They want you to buy more and more add-ons, like new characters or levels or weapons or whatever else they sell in their store—the in-game shop (or “shop”). They want everything about the game to feel worth buying because they know that there’s no difference between an impulse purchase and one made after careful consideration; when it comes down to it, we’re all just spending money!

Games and Family

The benefits of playing video games are huge. First, they can be a great way to bond with other family members and friends; they also provide an escape from reality, which is especially helpful if there isn’t much happening in real life right now that’s positive. The problem is that many parents aren’t aware of the dangers that come along with gaming addiction and how it can negatively impact their kids’ lives.

When a person becomes addicted to gaming, it affects everything else in their life: schoolwork suffers because homework takes longer than normal due to distractions from the game; relationships suffer since there isn’t enough time spent talking face-to-face rather than over Skype or FaceTime. Real friends may feel neglected because all this person wants to do is stay home alone and play computer games instead of going out with them on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays).

Waste of time

If you complete only the main tasks in Skyrim, you can play for at least 40 hours.? If this was a game you were playing, you would have completed it by now. But it’s not. It’s your life.

You might be wondering how many hours of your life are being spent on video games and how much time you spend playing them every week. It’s okay to ask yourself these questions because it helps us think about what we want to do with our lives and whether or not it’s important for us to spend so much time worrying about our character’s skills and abilities in Skyrim (or whatever game we’re currently playing).

The truth is that 40 hours is a lot of time spent on one thing—a lot more than most people should be spending at work or school! So if your goal is to become successful at something, then maybe spending some extra time practicing outside of class will help make sure that when the next big test comes around, you’ll have all the skills necessary to pass with flying colors?


We encourage you to read more about this topic and find out for yourself. It is important to know what effects video games can have on people and how it affects their lives.


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