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Othercide Turn-based horror themed tactical game

What’s In a Turn? 5.5 Games That Innovate With Alternative Turn Structures

Are you apathetic about action points? Does the “End Turn” button fill you with ennui? From chess to Hearthstone, turn-based games have always relied on passing back and forth until somebo...



From the Danish studio, PortaPlay, comes Broken Lines, an interesting turn-based time-based strategy game. You landed on an unknown and hostile territory after your plane crash, and you have to recove...

8 Great

Broken Lines – New Free DLC Expansion

Publisher Super.com and developer PortaPlay Aps, the duo behind the alternate-history World War II (WWII) title Broken Lines, are back to announce the game’s free DLC expansion, “The Dead and the Drun...

Broken Lines

A three-sided war against the living and the undead awaits you in ‘The Dead and the Drunk’, the expansion for the tactical action game, Broken Lines. Fight off the horde of zombies or turn it against ...

8 Great

Broken Lines – First 2 missions Gameplay Walkthrough

Watch us getting through the first 2 missions of this original turn-based & real-time game. Broken Lines by PortaPlay is already available on Steam.

Broken Lines Let’s Play By Sampstra Games

Broken Lines is a story-driven tactical RPG set in an alternate-history version of World War II. It’s a game about a group of eight soldiers who crash-land behind enemy lines. It’s up to you to lead t...

Video – Upcoming PC turn-based strategy Rpgs 2020 – Part 4

The fourth video dedicated to PC upcoming turn-based games of 2020. The games included are taken from the written list on our blog that you can find here. In meanwhile, I invite you to submit our news...

Broken Lines

Broken Lines – Overview / Hands on

I was lucky enough to try this original tactical turn-based game set in Eastern Europe during World War II, full of style, roguelike elements and a compelling story inspired by titles like Frozen Syna...

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