Broken Lines – New Free DLC Expansion

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Broken Lines

Publisher and developer PortaPlay Aps, the duo behind the alternate-history World War II (WWII) title Broken Lines, are back to announce the game’s free DLC expansion, “The Dead and the Drunk”. Broken Lines is a narrative-driven tactics game about a group of misfit soldiers stranded behind enemy lines, surrounded by an ominous fog and hunted by masked troops. In The Drunk and the Dead, the same old group of misfits will be up against all-new challenges, and they’re going to need your help once again. The Drunk and the Dead is scheduled for release on December 14th 2020

Broken Lines: The Dead and the Drunk features the same critically acclaimed tactical gameplay, with a tough new challenge added to the mix. In this three-way conflict, the soldiers will be facing hordes of enemies both old and new, with improved AI and spawning randomly in the levels, so no two playthroughs will be exactly the same. But don’t panic, the soldiers you control have new mechanics, weapons, and utilities to make use of as well. Experiment with the new Loadout system and revamped difficulty settings to your heart’s content – but no matter what you choose, and no matter how often your squad is nearly wiped, remember to keep calm shooting and carry on!


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