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Ignited Steel Mecha TbT

Ignited Steel – Steam Next Fest Preview

One of the many titles with demos available as part of Steam's Next Fest event is Yokaicade's Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics. This was always a title to watch, and we listed it as one of our top 20 indie...


Hexarchy – Steam Next Fest Preview

Steam Next Fest is here, and that means hundreds of demos for upcoming indie games. Hexarchy, the deckbuilding 4X title from Main Tank Software, has been my drug of choice this time around. With multi...

King Arthur Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Preview

Neocore Games, the studio behind Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, are taking their grimdark style of tactical gameplay to the Middle Ages this March. Players ...

Tactical Combat Department Pc Game

Tactical Combat Department – Preview

Indie turn-based tactical combat game Tactical Combat Department (from here on referred to as TCD) has arrived on early access on Steam, offering players a game to lead a “Special Intervention ...

Malice & Greed Pc

Malice & Greed – Preview

Much like a one-cent copper piece, Malice & Greed is worth more than the hard drive space it’s printed on. I’m talking about the game, not the software. The software is full of visual ...

Astria Ascending

Astria Ascending – Early Access Preview

Astria Ascending is a AAA title in terms of development team members alone. Kazushige Nojima, a longtime former Square-Enix member who directed Bahamut Lagoon, a Squaresoft classic for the SFC/SNES. H...