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20 Demos to try during Steam Next Fest June 2022

20 Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of Steam Next Fest, June 2022

Here we are - the doors of Steam Next Fest 2022 have opened a few days ago, and beyond them awaits a myriad of Turn-Based RPGs and Strategies.


10 Turns Interview with the Developer of Tidewoken

10 Turns Interview with the Developer of Tidewoken - Learn more



Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based battle arena, focusing on both player vs player battles and co-op dungeons. Create character builds and choose from 4 classes, 192 skills, and more than 30 perks,...

Upcoming Games KAEOI 10

Keep An Eye On It #10

It seems yesterday that I decided to start this series of articles called KEEP AN EYE ON IT and instead we have already reached the tenth episode. What is KAEOI? It is simply an article and a video th...


Tidewoken Closed Alpha Sign-Up

Tidewoken is an indie Turn-Based Multiplayer Battle Arena with focus on challenging battles made by the small development team The Great Flood. The game includes extensive character customization, wit...


Tidewoken – Overview

Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based combat strategy game with a focus on competitive PvP. Choose between 5 character classes and over 200 unique skills to defeat your opponents. In-Game Background S...