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Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based combat strategy game with a focus on competitive PvP. Choose between 5 character classes and over 200 unique skills to defeat your opponents.


In-Game Background Story

The Tournament of the Tidewoken was born as a way to find the strongest contesters to repel the increasingly stronger evil creatures, drawn to the core of the planet Nalraaf.

Many powerful beings, called the Tides, ruled over the lands of Nalraaf, a once empty planet with a unique biome and vast amounts of different landscapes. Three of those Tides, Kuundra, Aphase, and Venphyra soon populated those worlds with gateways to different worlds, bringing in adventurous travelers, who built cities and began scavenging this planet for artifacts.

Soon after the creation of those portal gateways, the gods witnessed evil creatures of many kinds entering the gateways and invading Nalraaf. It was discovered that the magical core of the planet would not only benefit the Tides but also lure energy-hungry creatures through the gateways.

As the Tides have no physical form, there was nothing they could do to stop this invasion, but each to choose on a physical contender and lend him their power. Together they formed the Tournament of the Tidewoken. The winners earn the title of Tidewoken and become a vessel for the gods.



Build unique character builds and win the Tournament of the Tidewoken with knowledge, wits and creativity. Each character can equip up to 10 Skills, of which one can be a Legendary Skill.
Choose from over 45 Skills per class, distributed in three Attributes.

Fight alone, controlling multiple characters, or focus on one sole character in a team vs team turn-based battle.

Key features

  • Competitive Multiplayer – No luck-based values, no random effects, just pure skill.
  • Over 200 Skills, 25 Talents, and 5 Character Classes with 3 Attributes each.
  • Gameplay Logging – Important actions are logged in the Combat Log.
  • Damage, protection, and healing is accumulated in the Score Board.
  • 8 Map Layouts on 4 unique Environments.
  • Co-op Player vs Environment fights against challenging Bosses.

About the developer

Tidewoken Games is a small independent team working on Tidewoken since January 2019.

Discord: https://discord.gg/hcR2m2R
Website: https://www.tidewoken.com/

Release date & platforms

Planned Release: Late 2020 / Steam PC / Windows / Linux. Below the gallery, the video and the Steam page. Let us know what you think about it.



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