Externus: Path of the Solari – Announcement Trailer

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Externus Path of the Solari

Independent game studio Winterborn releases the full reveal trailer for Externus: Path of the Solari ahead of their Pre-Alpha Demo for the upcoming tactical role-playing game. Externus: Path of the Solari is a character-driven tactical roleplaying game (RPG) adapted from an original tabletop game.

They take inspiration from classic tactical RPGs along with modern game development to craft their own stories and give you characters that matter. Their approach is designed to allow you to get to know the characters in your party along with strategic combat in full 3D battlefields. Encourage party interaction through campfire scenes and storybook sequences that pay homage to the original tabletop game. 

Winterborn is formed by a group of passionate game developers with over 11 years of experience in making games. They are building Externus using their custom BroadSword Engine built on the MonoGame Framework.

The game Features:

  • Strategic Turn-Based Tactical Combat
  • Full 3D Battlefields
  • Character-Driven Story
  • Storybook Choose Your Own Adventure Sequences
  • Death Matters, Each Ally You Lose Will Change Your Story
  • Unique Full-Color Artstyle
  • Based on An Original Tabletop RPG

The story of Externus: Path of the Solari follows Osmund Steele and his sons Alrik and Amante as they travel through the continents of Alcretia and Katrona. Osmund is part of an order known as the Soldat Solari, a tradition he intends to pass down to his sons, that is tasked with keeping balance and order throughout the world of Externus.

Externus: Path of the Solari is currently in development for Windows PC and Xbox One with plans to release on other consoles pending approval from the platform holders. They will be seeking funding through Kickstarter, starting next week, to fund additional art support for the project. They will also be launching our Pre-Alpha Demo of the game alongside the launch of our Kickstarter.

Below the Announcement trailer and here link to the official page.


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