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Fire Emblem Engage

5 RPG Series with Independent Stories That You Can Play in Any Order

Charlie Norris

As an avid gamer, I’ve played countless RPGs throughout my life. However, there are still some games and series that ...


Aiori 2021 TOP 5 Turn-Based RPG & Strategy Games


I thought 2021 couldn't be worse than 2020, but COVID-19 is still isolating the world, and the restrictions are still there. Sometimes, the situation gives us a break, but never for long. I usually post this earlier, but I caught the virus on New Year's Eve. At a family gathering, I, along with some others, got it. It was a bad experience, but at least I got vaccinated, so the symptoms were weaker and, fortunately, I recovered. It was, however, another delightful year for games. Some nice titles were released that helped us get through the situation. Anyway here are my Top 5 Turn-Based RPGs of 2021.