Like a Dragon 8

Like a Dragon 8 – Announcement Trailer

Marcello TBL

Revealed at RGG Summit, Like a Dragon 8 is the next installment in the Yakuza series, and yes, it still ...

Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club

Chroma Squad devs next project let you be a cosplayer with superpowers

Marcello TBL

The indie developer from Brazil, Behold Studios is famous for its Power Ranger-inspired RPG, Chroma Squad released back in 2015. ...

Homicidal All Stars

Homicidal All-Stars new Gameplay video

Marcello TBL

Developer Artificer and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment just released a 40 minutes Gameplay video about their brutal turn-based tactical game ...

Armed Fantasia

Let’s take a look at the environment with the new Armed Fantasia Gameplay Video

Marcello TBL

Armed Fantasia is getting a lot of hype among the fans of the genre. The brand-new JRPG from Wild Arms ...

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will arrive in 2022 on PC and Consoles

Marcello TBL

A few weeks ago, the new turn-based tactical Marvel’s Midnight Suns from XCOM developers was delayed to 2023. A new ...

Curious Expedition 2

Two Worlds Collide as the SteamWorld Universe joins Curious Expedition 2 in
Robots Of Lux DLC!

Marcello TBL

Thunderful and Maschinen-Mensch are excited to reveal that their esteemed exploration roguelike Curious Expedition 2 is getting even more interesting with the announcement of the ...

Manafinder JRPG

16-bit classic RPGs-inspired Manafinder has a release date

Marcello TBL

I’ve been following Manafinder developed by indie dev Wolfsden for a long time now, and finally, there is an official ...

Old World Strategy Game

A major update for the revolutionary Strategy Game Old World

Marcello TBL

Old World is ending the summer with its second major update, as it pairs its sweeping improvements with a time-limited ...

Imperiums Greek Wars

New Imperiums DLC Rome vs Carthage on the horizon.

Marcello TBL

A new DLC called Rome vs Carthage is ready to enhance Imperiums experience this month. The grand turn-based strategy game ...

Goblin Stone

Hunted To Near Extinction, Goblins Are Fighting Back in Goblin Stone

Marcello TBL

Orc Chop Games is glad to announce the release of its Goblin-resistance Turn-Based RPG Goblin Stone across PC, Steamdeck, PlayStation ...