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10 Indie Gems You Don’t want to Miss -Twitter’s Lair Top Picks #3

Written by DannyDSC


Unearthing Indie TURN-BASED Games Gems from Turnbasedthursday

It’s been a while since the last release of Twitter’s Lair Top Picks, my special on TBL dedicated to the developers of turn-based games belonging to the indie community that every week participate in the #turnbasedthursday event. In the first two episodes, I presented a good number of titles, all in my opinion of value that between releases in early access, titles in progress, and demos of upcoming games offer an idea of how much nourished the array of games by breed and turns.

And how to forget the essential help of Marcello but also the feedback and enthusiasm that the community offers us. As usual, I remember my line that marks the beginning of the article: first of all, the world of indie games is sharing, friendship, fear, dedication, and commitment, and this applies as much to those who develop as to those who buy. But before starting, you can get in touch with me @indie_Seeker and @turnbasedlovers on Twitter, but also on Discord and Youtube. Let’s gooo!

Xenonauts 2

Twitter account: @HoodedHorseInc

Steam page:

Xenonauts 2 is the sequel to a famous strategy indiegame that will put the player in charge of a global military organization to defend our planet from the extraterrestrial threat. Kill all the aliens!!! No, I joke more or less.

Working from the shadows, we aim to engage the population and acquire funds, materials and equipment to end possible alien domination wherever it appears. We will have to expand and operate a secret network of bases worldwide, research new technologies, and directly fight the invaders in brutal turn-based skirmishes. It’s time to do what we were born to do: train, arm, and command troops and defeat the threat before it destroys us.

Hooded Horse knows how to do it since, in their portfolio, they also have Terra Invicta, another very interesting title always based on bread and aliens. I wrote a preview of this game on; read it.

Of Blades & Tails

Twitter Account: @OfBladesNTails

Steam page:

A turn-based but action-oriented role-playing game that rewards a thoughtful approach. Discover a fantastic land populated by different animal tribes, with more than one inspiration to Robin Hood. At least for me, obviously and God how much I love it! In Of Blades & Tails you will play Reik, skilled member of the tribe of foxes. A chain of unfortunate events involves you in a vital quest for all peace-loving creatures of the kingdom.

And no, it is not Escape from the Forest, a 90s cartoon where the threat was man. You must leave your home village and explore the world to become strong enough to resist evil. Cliché seen and revised, but when things work…why change them?

Wanderer’s Sigil

Twitter account: @Wanderers_Sigil

Steam page:

I admit it, when I read “Sigil” I immediately thought of Planescape, the iconic D&D setting that will receive a new box in October with a trio of new manuals that I BOUGHT FOR SURE. Wanderer’s Sigil is set in a world where a magical cataclysm has generated strange and dangerous places where magical beasts and other terrifying creatures are ready to make the party to every unfortunate.

It’s definitely not Planescape, but I forgive you.

In the midst of all this mess we find the Wanderers, a team of brave pure souls who will venture beyond the sparse settlements and begin to trade, look for news and live adventures in an attempt to give hope to a land that no longer has it.

Sigil of the Magi

Twitter account: @sigilofthemagi

Steam page:

Sigil of the Magi is a title that I have already talked about on ilvideogioco and is a really interesting project. Indie game developed by Yongjustyong. Software house behind which lies a single developer based in Singapore. Published by The Iterative Collective is a roguelike deckbuilding with turn-based combat that focuses heavily on the tactical component.

Each game will begin with the choice of party, which, at least at the beginning, will consist of a warrior, a magician, and an archer. We will not be Able to personalize its appearance, abilities or any other talent as the exploration of the map will mark the progression. The ultimate goal is as simple as it is difficult to achieve: build a good deck, equip powerful relics, and prepare for any challenge that comes between you and your path!

Approaching Infinity

Twitter account: @IBOL17

Steam page:

Together with Stellar Tactics, Approaching Infinity is one of the most ambitious and challenging space-based games of recent years. Of course, do not come to talk about Starfield because if you had forgotten we are talking about indie games and badget with just a few dozen zeros less. In the game developed by IBOLOGY LLC we will take command of our ship and start an exploration adventure that smells so much of Star Trek. Especially when we go down to a planet and the anonymous crew member is immediately eliminated by an alien or a super carnivorous and deadly plant.

Get ready to roam in an infinite and open-world procedural universe in this turn-based spacesim with old-school role-playing elements. Factions to please, goods to trade, weapons and relics to find, there really is everything you need for roguelike lovers and those looking for a great challenge.


Twitter account: @thinginger page:

Deadwind is a project that doesn’t exist. Don’t call him, don’t look at him, don’t dream of him. There’s not even a trailer. And yet it’s between us and damn, I think it’s one of the most promising turn-based games I’ve seen recently. Roguelike and open world role-playing game with a SUPERB visual style. As for other games of the same genre the goal is grinding but the ASCII graphics makes it unique. It is developed by the “singledev” Jason Accardo, who also works for @larianstudios!!!

Inspired by Caves of Qud, Tome and Daggerfall, the goal of this project is to expand the formula of roguelike dungeon crawl in an open-world environment and modernize the appearance of an ASCII roguelike by bridging the gap between traditional roguelike and a classic CRPG.

Guys, SKALD: Against the Black Priory has a fierce rival.

SKALD: Against the Black Priory

Twitter account: @SkaldRpg

Steam page:

True, SKALD: Against the Black Priory did not take part in the #turnbasedthursday and should not be part of the special Twitter’s Lair Top Picks. But there are two reasons why it’s part of this third date. The first is because it is a great and promising turn-based game with retro graphics and offers a setting inspired by the worlds of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

The second is that adding Deadwind I can not put this interesting product of which I spoke on the pages of ilvideogioco long ago. SKALD: Against the Black Priory is an RPG set in a dark fantasy world where a handful of unfortunate heroes must deal with horrors and moral choices.

Get ready to discover the plans of the Gallic Empire, live a mercenary adventure, or explore the vast expanse of Freymark and the outer islands.


Twitter account: @dotagegame

Steam page:

dotAGE is a very interesting city builder in pretty and inspired pixel art. The aim of the game is to create a village with lots of buildings and overcome various types of pitfalls. The gameplay consists of a turn-based mode for construction, complete with The Settlers-style production chains. According to Michele Pirovano, the single dev (who from now on I will call Lone Wolf because it is very “Riddik“) behind this game, is ruthless.

Will it be? We’ll see. Know that the prophecy is about to be fulfilled and this means colds, living dead, the relegation of your favourite team, the disappearance of pizza & coca cola and the closure of Steam. Of course, I joke, but there are a lot of events that can take place. There is a demo available, check it out.

Obsidian Prince

Twitter account: @ObsidianPrince

Steam page:

Release the giraffes! We’re animal friends! Oh no, it’s the name of the developer sorry. But then the giraffes release them or not? In the meantime, let’s talk about Obsidian Prince. It’s a roguelike tactical turn-based with deckbuilder mechanics where we will explore lands and dungeons, improving our party with a low poly graphics absolutely stunning.

In addition to a campaign mode with various quests to play and a roguelike mode more classic and definitely challenging. I speak little but in this case I also spend two words on the soundtrack that in full retro style, is definitely attractive. The game put himself in my wishlist of games to review (if Unleash the Giraffe will be interested) pretty much by itself.

The 8 Sins: New Hell Order

Twitter account: @omegan_s

Steam page:

Thinking about not trying this game or just not admiring the trailer is a shame, so prepare prayers and penance. The 8 Sins: New Hell Order is a turn-based strategy game with rpg elements set in a cool, relaxing and slightly sunny place: the hell. We will take command of one of the eight demonic races that rule the lower floors and represent one of the seven deadly sins (FORGET BIG BREASTS AND MINISKIRTS, those are on Netflix).

Inspired by the creations of Hieronymus Bosch, Zdzisław Beksiński, and American McGee, the game features inspired pixel art graphics. For a long time, the lands of sin were ruled by the pride Queen, but now that she has been ACCIDENTALLY “fired,” the time has come to take her place. It’s time to lay down the law in hell.

Parc Ferme

And we’re at the end of this third episode of Twitter’s Lair Top Picks. Before saying goodbye, however, I wanted to say a few words about Baldur’s Gate 3, probably the game of the year 2023, at least for role-playing games, and that will deal with Starfield. Two titles of great importance and for a reason: @larianstudios love role-playing games, even paper and when they develop they do it for passion. This allows him to offer us something that other products of other publishers do not always offer: quality.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a derivative of Divinity Original Sin. Definitely improved, with completely different stories and characters, derived in an INCREDIBLY FAITHFUL to the 5ed of D&D. But going deep into the gameplay is that, as beautiful as it is and with infinite longevity, a determining factor for me in a role-playing game.

At least for me, even knowing that it is and will be a great game (of which you can read the review on ilvideogioco when I do), I’m more intrigued by Zoria: Age of Shattering. An indie role-playing game that, in my opinion, is not only different but could be really exciting. We’ll see if Tiny Trinket Games, Anshar Publishing and Surefire.Games will give me a chance to let you know.

And remember: think indie, play indie games! Bye bye


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