10 Indie Turn-Based RPGs to play in 2022

Written by Marcello TBL

Best Indie Turn-Based RRPG to Play in 2022

From time to time, I want to point out some indie titles already released or in early access that you may have missed or that you didn’t know existed at all. In this article, I have chosen 10 cool and deep turn-based indie RPGs that you can play right now that can indeed offer many hours of fun. Let’s begin

Potato Flowers in Full Bloom

Potato Flowers in Full Bloom

This first-person dungeon crawler pits your party of three characters against lurking monsters on their quest for magical seeds. Time is of the essence, as the seeds may be the last ones capable of growing in the world’s contaminated soil!

Players will set up a base of operations at the entrance to the dungeon, venturing deeper and deeper with each run as they unlock new abilities. With several unique classes available, there’s room to experiment with a different character and party builds. Potato Flowers In Full Bloom has a free demo available for players to try.

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Yaengard is a tactical roguelike that lets you build characters based on more than just gear and stats. Each party member has a unique personality, determined by their position on several axes. Good versus ruthless, calculating versus instigating, and more will affect a teammate’s abilities and which actions they’re allowed to take.

Yaengard presents players with a world to explore and strategy as simple or complex as you like. Your choices will determine the outcome of the story, but you may be restricted based on your characters’ personalities. Only multiple playthroughs will let you see everything!

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The Book of the Game (Adventures in Leman)

The Book of The Game

Based on the novel by Mike Hood, The Book Of The Game features gameplay similar to Battle Brothers in a world of endless machinations. Players have the freedom to explore the setting, recruiting new party members and taking part in dozens of quests.

At first, you’ll only be able to recruit humans, but as you explore and make your name known dwarves, orcs, and others will become available. What you choose to do with your newfound fame and wealth, of course, is up to you.

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The Use of Life

The Use of Life

This early-access title follows a lone adventurer seeking to determine his life’s purpose. The choices you make along the way will ultimately result in several different endings, but none are considered good or bad – simply the outcome of how the hero chose to live.

Combat features both turn-based strategy and quick-time events, and the game’s powerful enemies require equal focus on attack and defense in order to defeat them. There are even dice rolls to add an element of randomness to story events, so even a run with the identical choices can see different outcomes. A demo is available for The Use Of Life, so give it a try!

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Gods of Sand

Gods of Sand Pixel Art PC Game

Gods Of Sand is a pixelated gladiator sim that’s currently in early access. Players will hire and train fighters for their ludus, then bring them on the road to fight in games across the empire. Give the crowd what they want and rake in the coins to restore your school’s reputation!

Any gladiator can use any equipment, allowing you to optimize your fighters for each bout. Of course, the arena is a deadly place, so you’ll need to have new trainees ready to step up in case your school’s champion gets the old “thumbs-down.”

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This charming roguelite uses simple graphics and combat, but the wide variety of character classes and enemies to face make the strategy much deeper than it first appears. As a deposed monarch reduced to ruling only over a single village, you have just forty-five days to reclaim your crown before the Dark Sorcerer solidifies their rule forever!

Training humble villagers into battle-forged warriors, you’ll need to carefully manage each team member’s activities. From resting to upgrading their gear, everything they do needs to pay off when you go on an adventure. If a villager dies, they’re gone for good!

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The Lost King of Avallon

The Lost King of Avallon

The Lost King Of Avallon is an open-world early-access title with loads of replay value. Each new game creates a massive procedurally-generated world to explore. That alone would be enough to entice freeform players to play it again and again, but new content and options are also unlocked with each playthrough.

From three starting classes to a total of twelve after all are unlocked, your second and third games will have many more options available than your first. You can even shed your mortal form entirely once you’ve gained the ability to play as an elemental, angel, or demon!

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In this dungeon-crawling RPG, the forces of Hell have emerged to wreak havoc on a fantasy world. Seeing no other options, your character forges a pact with the Devil himself, turning Hell’s own powers against it.

Legions of zombies, ghosts, and of course lots and lots of demons will stand in your way. Saving the world once is hard enough, but with New Game Plus you can take on the ultimate challenge and try a different set of infernal powers!

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Telepath Tactics Liberated

Telepath Tactics Liberated

A remake of the original Telepath Tactics, Liberated improves on its predecessor with an all-new engine. Veterans and newcomers alike will have a fresh experience in this Fire Emblem-inspired SRPG.

Combat in Telepath Tactics is more than just moving and attacking in the ideal order. You can set traps, destroy cover, and even throw enemies around the battlefield, giving the game unmatched tactical flexibility. There’s even a map creator, so you can create and share your own stories and challenges!

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Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands Pc Game

Fabled Lands open world and freeform character creation give players endless opportunity to create their own stories. Joining a holy order, buying a ship, or just wandering the world in search of your next handful of coins are all options in this expansive RPG.

The game features hex-based tactical combat with lovely hand-drawn characters and monsters, helping bring its fantasy world to life. Players who want a real challenge can enable permadeath in Ironman Mode, where even the most legendary stories can come to an abrupt end.

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