10 Turn-Based Demos to try during Steam Next Fest 2022

Written by Charlie Norris

Steam Next Fest 2022

Once again, it’s that time of the year, when every developer works extra hard to make sure they have a demo ready. It’s like Christmas, but instead of presents, there is a glorious bounty of demos to try – for all those upcoming games, players have been frothing at the mouth for. This is the main event for most developers – one of the few times when all eyes will be on their projects. Those aren’t just potential players these demos will be attracting, either. There are also content creators, who could make or break a game. Now it may not be as grim as this, but it is crazy out there. If you can survive the plethora that is Steam Next Fest, then you can survive anything.

Now, for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty and need someone to just give them the highlights – there is always some writer, willing to go through hell and back to pick out some of the best demos to try. So, for all you turn-based lovers out there, this is your list! Here, I have gathered the ten demos you need to try during this hectic season.


Those who’re still coming off the high that is Pokémon Legends: Arceus and are searching for something similar to tide those interests – they must play the Coromon demo. Coromon is a monster tamer game, similar to the old Pokémon titles everyone played when they were younger. While it may look like a simple Pokémon clone, it’s however much more than that. It really gives players the opportunity to play exactly the way they want. Coromon can be a stroll in the park, or a high-stakes challenge that randomizes all aspects of the gameplay. The full game will have more than 100 creatures to tame, six zones to explore, and multiplayer.

Iron Oath

Iron Oath is a tactical turn-based RPG about a mercenary company. The hired warriors will live and die by the player’s hand, guided through their hard and brutal lives. Death isn’t the only concern, however. Throughout the years, as your soldiers age, they can retire or become less effective in combat. This will force players to adapt to the ever-changing scenarios of life. Iron Oath looks to soothe that itch for those who need something more tactical to play.

Small Saga

Small Saga is an epic RPG of miniature proportions. Players play as a mouse with their own team of rodents to command. The main goal is to take revenge on a god (cat) that took the main hero’s tail. Small Saga is a medieval-like tale. In its world, larger animals are considered gods, whom the small animals are taught never to attack. Except our main character isn’t one for the rules. If you love seeing small everyday items look like giant weapons, and classic turn-based battles with cute animals – then you are in for a treat with Small Saga.


Oaken is a deck-building roguelike set in a mythical place that isn’t easily defined. Inhabitants of this mysterious area all can hear the same voice, called the Oak Song. When that voice begins to fade, events that could heal or destroy the Great Oak are set into motion. With gameplay that is easy to learn, Oaken is one demo all turn-based roguelike fans need to play.

Witch and Council

Witch and Council is a visually beautiful turn-based card-battling roguelite, about a troublemaker witch and her friends. The game is touted as having an attractive story with deep turn-based gameplay and cartoon-inspired characters. Players will explore a dangerous and mysterious place, where they’ll find all sorts of monsters and recruit interesting characters. The whole attractive story may have been heard before, but it does sound intriguing.

Spiritlink Tactics is, as the name implies, a tactical turn-based RPG, inspired by any game with the word “tactic” in its title. Players will command a group of mercenaries through its narrative-driven story. There’s an almost endless combination of skills and classes, allowing for a truly complex character customization system. There’s also an absolute ton of optional quests, in addition to the main campaign.

8-Bit Adventures 2

8-bit Adventures 2 is for those who miss the old-school JRPGs of yesteryear. Inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy X and Chrono Trigger, 8-Bit Adventures 2 is everything old-school players want in this type of game. It has seven playable characters, an engaging story, 99 unique attacks and more. While it may be a sequel, players won’t have to play the first game to enjoy this demo.

Blacken Slash

Blacken Slash is a minimalist turn-based tactical roguelike, that players can just jump straight into. Play short levels that take minutes to beat, with straightforward mechanics that even newcomers to the genre can quickly get used to. There are no hard-to-learn mechanics in this game, only hard-to-master gameplay.


BattleCakes is a cute and delicious-looking RPG about cupcakes. In BattleCakes, players can choose whether they fight or save monsters in the world of Pasteleria, customize their cupcakes, pet cakes and a whole manner of other cute things. Plus, the entire game looks delicious enough to eat, which isn’t something gamers often get to see. After some heavier tactical games, this is definitely a good one to try.

While there are many more demos to try during the Steam Next Fest, these ten were the ones I thought looked the most interesting – especially if you are a turn-based lover. I’ve played some of these, like Blacken Slash and BattleCakes, and others I look forward to play during Steam Next Fest, like Small Saga and Iron Oath.

What are some Steam Next Fest demos, that you want to try out during the period? Let us know in the comments below.


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