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On the Radar – April 2021

Written by Hardcase

Upcoming turn-based games

“Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?”
– Bob Dylan

This is a strange month, not the best one, that’s for sure, but also not the luckiest.
Why are you wondering? It pretty much rolls off the tongue.
Just a few minutes ago I was writing an editorial, taking inspiration from the biggest release of the month (at least for me) namely Humankind, a Civilization-esque strategy game developed by the talented Amplitude Studios.
I could have talked about the natural propensity for violence of the humankind and the role of all of this in the world of videogames. Hot stuff, believe me 😉 But… there will be none of that, because, exactly while I was doing some research, the unexpected happened: I read the worst of news, Humankind had been delayed to 17th August!!!

Ok, the good news is that I have already (almost) written the editorial for that month, so you already know what to expect or what to fear…
What remains of this month is a bundle of indie turn-based videogames (some of them with a very good potential) and some big releases, essentially reserved to all JRPGs fans scattered all over the world.


A true jump in the past, inspired by the the great JRPGs of the 90’s. Divided Reigns delivers a full-scale and an epic fantasy role-playing with well-developed characters and deep, emotional story.

Gameplay features:

– 70+ hours in the main story
– New, unique, and strategic battle system
– Deep and emotional main story
– Loads of side quests and secrets to discover
– Nine main playable characters each with character arcs that test who they are and develop over the course of the whole game
– Tons of equipment to build your team for a wide variety of enemies
– Brand new attack system where you exploit enemy’s physical weaknesses similar to other games’ elemental weaknesses
– Regular calendar events with unique rewards only available during the events
– SO much more!

Very soon on Steam!


This one looks very interesting to me.
From the developers of the appreciated The Age of Decadence and Dungeon Rats, Iron Tower Studio this time tries to completely change the setting.
The game tells the story of a bunch of people doomed to live and die on a ship (or, rather, The Ship), without the chance to see just once the Earth or feel the sun’s warmth under the blue sky.
At its core Colony Ship is an isometric, party-based RPG inspired by Heinlein’s Orphans of the Sky. Your character’s world is a “generation ship,” a massive spacecraft on a centuries long voyage to colonize a distant planet. The Ship’s original government has been disbanded following a violent mutiny and you must negotiate a treacherous path among your fellow passengers and the contentious factions striving to dominate the Ship. Your choices alone will determine who your friends and enemies are.


  • Skill-based character system, with feats and implants.
  • Tactical turn-based combat, featuring standard, aimed, and weapon-specific attacks.
  • Multiple quest solutions, mutually exclusive questlines, and a branching main storyline.
  • 10 recruitable party members with different personalities, agendas, and beliefs (only 3 available in the first chapter).
  • 3 main factions and a score of lesser factions and groups
  • A large arsenal including melee weapons, firearms, energy pistols, grenades, and futuristic gadgets like the Energy Shield, Reality Distortion Generator, and Cloaking Field.
  • Different environments to explore, from the Engine Room and Hydroponics to the dystopian cities of the Habitat and the Mission Control ruined decks (only the Pit, Armory, and Hydroponics are available in the first chapter)

Where? It goes without saying… on Steam, where else?


If I’m being honest, I’ve never heard of this one before.
The synopsis of the game reveals that M.L.P. “is a classic turn-based fantasy strategy. Defeat countless enemies to solve the mysteries of fading magic and bring the ancient empire back to life“.

The game offers a turn-based combat system (that reminds me a lot the Heroes of Might and Magic saga), a wide world to explore, dialogues with multiple choices and a camp to manage and improve.

On Steam!

TRIALS OF FIRE – 6th April

This one has been on my wishlist for quite some time now.
Released on E.A. back in 2019, after a loooong testing period, finally this fascinating tactical, deck-building roguelite is here (almost…).
Trials of Fire is described as a single player, turn-based strategy game set in a post-cataclysmic fantasy realm. It will feature an expansive open world, a multi-character party and an innovative card-driven combat.
At its core you will find also many rogue-like features with procedurally encounters and game events.
In addition it has a wonderful art style. I really can’t wait to try it!

Soon on Steam!


In recent times I saw a lot of RPGs deckbuilding with a roguelite soul, maybe even too much, but who knows? Across the Obelisk seems to be exactly what we’re are used to but with an interesting twist: the possiibility to play your adventure across the obelisk with your friends (up to three!).
Do you want to know how exactly this cooperative mode works? Simple, each player will control a hero in combat but all of them will have to work together and decide what’s best for the group.
Being a roguelite, the game offers a high level of replayability. In fact, each adventure is randomly generated and different from the others, these means different cards, quests and items.
Very soon on Steam!


Ok now let’s totally change the subject.
Have you ever dreamt to lead a super-secret society that pull the strings of the world? No? Ok then you can go further…
Secret Government (nomen omen said Romans) is a strategy game where your goal is spread the influence of your sect, called the Brotherhood, that works in the shadows and constantly tries to manipulate the entire world.
Here are some of its features:

  • Rewrite History – From the 17th century to the present day, from the Glorious Revolution to the War of Independence, each mission will drop players into major global conflicts, tasking them with manipulating the outcome to serve the Brotherhood’s ambitions.
  • Play Your Pawns – The world’s most powerful figures – from national rulers to military superpowers – are but mere pawns to you. Learn to manipulate their complex AI machinations as you leverage their unique abilities to shape the world to your needs.
  • Indirect Influence – Why should you have to do the heavy lifting of executing your diplomatic, economic, and militaristic ambitions? Plant your own agents and indirectly coerce others to do your bidding with over 50 types of actions intended to upend the world’s balance in your favor while keeping your hands clean.
  • Manipulate a Living World – From ideologies to social classes, taxes to civil unrest, the world of Secret Government is comprised of countless interconnected sociopolitical systems that effectively simulate a believable and reactionary world. While world leaders strive to maintain the status quo, how will you destabilize the system and trigger worldwide change?
  • You’re Not Alone in the Shadows – Facing down a hostile secret organization that isn’t afraid to manipulate their way into the history books, make every action and choice count in order to outthink the competition and maintain your hard-earned secrecy and level of infiltration in the shadows.

Soon on Steam the full release.


Finally the last chapter of the Trails of Cold Steel saga is here (almost…)!!!
Ok, well, actually I’m so exctited about that and I have a confession to make: I tried to play some of the previous games but I found them extremely boring! Now, I know that, out there, there are many fans of this saga, but I have a damned idiosyncrasy for any kind of JRPG!
Simply I can’t stand those endless dialogues and those pointless random encounters… Really, it’s something stronger than me.
Anyway I’m sure that many people will be happy for this release that offers, as usual, a story-driven gameplay, a full rooster of cool heroes and tons of turn based battles.
The game plays similarly to the previous chapter but with some nice addiction to the combat system and even some features taken from the first and the second chapter.
Obviously on Steam!


From Square Enix, the beloved (not by me) 1998 RPG classic, SaGa Frontier, is reborn with improved graphics, additional features, and a new main character!
This seems to be, more and more, the month of the JRPGs (so, okay, not exactly MY month).
Anyway in Saga Frontier Remasterd you’ll find all the good of the old version, but with a modern twist.

Among the new features:

  • New Main Character, Fuse!
  • The new main character, Fuse, can be played once certain conditions have been fulfilled. The Fuse scenario features great new tracks from Kenji Ito, and is full of new content. Discover a different side to the other main characters.
  • Phantom Cutscenes, Implemented at last
  • Several cutscenes that were cut have been added to Asellus’s scenario. Delve deeper into the story than before.
  • Improved Graphics and Extensive New Features
  • Alongside upgraded high-resolution graphics, the UI has been updated and improved. Additional new features have been added, including double-speed mode, making gameplay smoother than ever.

In the middle of the month on Steam!


After a few delays, finally it seems that, during April, Tactical Troops will be finally released.
I cannot explain exactly why, but this game give me the right vibes. It reminds me the good old times but with a modern twist.
Yeah, but what is exactly TT:AS? It’s a turn-based game, with top-down view, that mixes tactical skills and the excitement of 80’s sci-fi movies. Command a troop of soldiers in a singleplayer campaign or fight on one of 24 multiplayer maps.
Explore the planet Anthracite, using advanced teleportation technology and gridless movement.
This could really be a sleeper hit!

On Steam.


Formally WATC is a sci-fi turn-based squad management RPG, but not just a “simple” one. For instance, the setting is quite interesting with its flavored mix of African culture, sci-fi and environmentalism and even the art style has a strong personality.

Our goal is to lead an organization and protect the people, the animals and the Planet itself from an extraterrestrial threat.
In order to do so we’ll be able to recruit a team of “Protectors” among more than 20 different classes and jobs.
The game looks promising, but I have reservations on his combat system. We’ll see…

Obviously a game like that can only be released on the Earth Day!


A new, remasterd version of a classic.
Total War: ROME REMASTERED lets you relive the legacy that defined the award-winning strategy game series. Remastered to 4K with multiple improvements to visuals as well as refinements to gameplay, it’s time to revisit a true classic. Not everyone gets a second chance to conquer the Roman Empire.

ROME REMASTERED includes the Alexander and Barbarian Invasion DLCs, as well as a copy of the original ROME: Total War Collection*, if you don’t already own it.

On Steam.

And for this month that’s all.
This time I take the opportunity to give a special thanks to Marcello: we can safely say that he is my memory!


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