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Keep an Eye on It: 6 Promising Isometric CRPG | #Ep3

Written by Marcello TBL

6 Isometric CRPG 2021

Here we are in the third episode of our usual Wednesday date. The Keep an Eye on It focuses today on 6 cRPGs ….. oops better specify Isometric cRPG promising and currently in development. For this episode, I made a small exception and entered 6 games instead of 5 because I didn’t want to leave out any of these RPGs.

But what are cRPGs ?…….. I don’t know very well 🙂 but I invite you to take a look at my twit below and all the answers that have followed to get an overview and a precise definition and then maybe write your comment too to let me know what you think.

In any case, today, here, you will find 6 RPGs that are inspired and remember, the glorious isometric RPGs of the past. Games like Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Temple of Elemental Evil, Planescape will seem less distant to you, looking at these games.

All of these chosen RPGs obviously have a turn-based combat system, multi-character handling, Experience & levels, skill development, intricate storyline with multiple choices, and everything you can expect from a healthy CRPG …. isometric 🙂

Let’s start then with 6 upcoming Isometric cRPG expected in 2021

Odd Gods

Inn Between Worlds

Platforms: PC

Odd Gods Gameplay

From Australia comes a 90s-style isometric cRPG set in the 90s where we can choose to be a Skateboarder, a Goth, a Raver, a Jock, or a Nerd. There will be no orcs, elves, and dragons here, but threats come from real people who will hinder us for mysterious reasons. In addition to the setting, even the combat system is not ordinary, in fact, it is a turn-based but with simultaneous execution. Each action has a duration of seconds and therefore we will have to choose our moves tactically. It may not be possible to reach an enemy who is about to shoot us, but it will be wiser to put us in cover and so on. We also had the chance to chat with the developer who gave us more details about Odd Gods. Here instead you find the official website. No release date yet.

Urban Strife

White Pond Games

Platforms: PC

Urban Strife RPG

How many of us old gamers have loved and still love Jagged Alliance 2? (The good one i mean) Today Urban Strife is the game closest to the glorious title of 1999, close yes, but with a deep RPG component and with Zombies scattered here and there. I tried a demo version that gave me a taste of what to expect, and I loved it, and here Andrea’s interview with the developers. There’s no specific release date, only waiting, and have a lot of patience. Here the Steam Page

Broken Roads

Drop Bear Bytes

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Australians definitely love CRPGs, in fact, the guys from Drop Bear Bytes also come from Oceania. And they too are working on one of the most promising isometric RPGs that we look forward to. The game puts us in the shoes of survivors in a post-apocalyptic Australia. Up to 6 manageable characters in the party, a unique morality system that will shape our journey, hand-drawn artwork, and obviously a turn-based combat system. Broken Roads should be ready towards the end of 2021 but in the meantime, you can read Andrea’s interview with the developers for lots of juicy details of the game’s plot and gameplay. Here the Steam Page

Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Iron Tower Studio

Platforms: PC

Colony Ship

A ship en route to another planet to colonize, 3 factions to deal with within the giant Starfarer, and 12 characters to hire. These are the premises of Colony Ship. An isometric RPG in which we find all the distinctive characteristics of the genre, a skill-based character system with feats and biological implants, a large arsenal including melee weapons, firearms, energy pistols, grenades, fancy electronic gadgets like the Reality Distortion Field, 16 environments to explore & multiple quest solutions, mutually exclusive questlines, and a branching main storyline. Expected for Fall 2021 with a playable demo on Steam.

Project Witchstone

Spearhead Games

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Project Witchstone

Looking at the screens we can’t help but notice the similarities with Divinity: Original sins. The game developed by Spearhead Games has all the elements we expect from a self-respecting RPG. Multiple factions to deal with, multiple choices, character progression, and a dynamic game world where each character has their own agenda. There’s no supposed release date yet, in the meantime, you can add Project Witchstone to your Steam wishlist.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Owlcat Games

Platforms: PC

Kingmaker Wrath of the Righteous

After the success of Pathfinder Kingmaker, which among other things I have not yet tried (shame, shame, and still shame) the guys of Owlcat Games, after an excellent Kickstarter campaign, are working on the new chapter dedicated to Pathfinder. This chapter will of course have included the turn-based mode which was integrated into the previous chapter via a plugin. A new strategic layer is added to the cRPG mechanics where we can lead our army, strengthen our stronghold, send soldiers to explore ruins, and more. 24 classes to choose from and 6 archetypes per class and three new races in addition to the nine already present in the previous chapter. Surely one of those games to devote many hours of play to. Expected around June 2021

We have reached the end of this third episode of Keep An Eye On It. I await all your comments below, on Twitter, and on our Discord Server.


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Marcello TBL

Italian Dad in love with Turn-Based RPGs and Indie Games. In 2018 he started Turn Based Lovers and now he can't live without it.

4 thoughts on “Keep an Eye on It: 6 Promising Isometric CRPG | #Ep3”

  1. I have high hopes Owlcat can iron out the weirdnesses from the original, which was both kinda Eurojank but also endearingly quirky. Psyched for Inn Between Worlds too.

    As an aside, as a turn-based fan, this column is great–keep up the good work

    • As I said, I haven’t played the first Pathfinder yet but I’m very excited to jump in as soon as possible and the second chapter looks very promising. As for Odd Gods, I think it’s something never seen in a CRPG, at least for the setting and characters. Anyway, thank you so much for your message. Wish you the best 🙂

  2. An Isometric (perspective) game is one that is “an axonometric projection in which the three coordinate axes appear equally foreshortened and the angle between any two of them is 120 degrees” (wikipedia), which gives the illusion that the game is 3D when it is not. So, actually according to that definition, even some of the games you have put in your list are not isometric, but let’s look past that!

  3. This site has a definition of cRPGs which I think is a good one:

    He lists three defining characteristics of a cRPG, which are as follows (paraphrased):

    1) Character development: the player character(s) must improve in some way as the game progresses, independently of getting better gear.

    2) Combat effectiveness must depend at least to some degree on the character’s stats, and not solely on their gear or the player’s reflexes.

    3) Flexible inventories: there must be a variety of options for items the character can equip themselves with that are not solely used for solving puzzles (as in an adventure game).

    I haven’t played Skyrim (yet), but I’m certain it fits these criteria. I don’t know enough about Fallout 4 or Mass Effect to offer an opinion on them.


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