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5 Upcoming RPGs & Strategy | KAEOI#17

Written by Marcello TBL

Keep An Eye On It 17

Welcome back to a new episode of KAEOI. This week focused on 5 promising PC turn-based RPGs & Strategy Games. Let me know what you think about it in the comments and if you want, you can check out the video version of this article on youtube. Let’s go.

Full Circle

Full Circle JRPG

Let’s start with a JRPG with a retro feel and an inspiring UI. Full Circle by 2nd Player Games is, in fact, a game that takes inspiration from the Playstation 1 JRPGs like Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire 3, and 4 and bring in some fresh ideas. We don’t have a lot of information about it but the Steam page talks about a strange mission, that takes humanity to work hard in order to ensure an enjoyable life for the next generations.

Key features

  • Dive into a postapocalyptic world where only the toughest will survive
  • Form a group of fearless adventurers
  • Make use of a complex combo system in turn based battles to defeat your foes
  • Enjoy a unique look where 2D Pixelart meets a stylish 3D environment
  • Listen to a fully fleshed out soundtrack

We will have to wait a little longer as the Steam page says Whenever it is done.


Turn-Based Combat

Here we are with Manafinder by Wolfsden LLC. A JRPG tells us the story of Lambda, a Manafinder fighting to find the manastones that help the villages survive. Choices will define the final chapter. As for the combat phase, Manafinder presents a classic turn-based combat with a perspective taken from the shoulders of our heroes and I really appreciate it. Here you can learn more about it. For more details check out our overview.

Key features

  • 8~12 hours of playtime!
  • Explore the fantastical environments of Aevi, with over 23 different biomes!
  • Fight over 120 different beasts, each with a unique design and combat strategy!
  • Use different weapons and elemental ores during combat to exploit enemy weaknesses!
  • Collect items and weapons, find manastones, harvest healing plants, and mine elemental ores to aid you in your quest!
  • Meet exiles, manafinders, nomads, the Gods, and other mysterious characters!
  • Choices made throughout the game will not only define the fate of the exiled but also result in one of the two completely different final chapters!
  • Take a break, and take on side quests with varied activities (including minigames!) that dive deeper into the lives of the exiled.

Manafinder is expected for 2022 on Steam.

Mist Legacy

Mist Legacy

Now let’s take a look at Mist Legacy by Virtys. A free-to-play Turn-Based RPG where we guide the mistwalkers through the lands and learn more about the real world and what is happening inside. An inspired open-world and solid turn-based combat with a skill-based progression.

Key features

  • Character. No classes, no blocks. Be limited only by the time you want to put in the game. Your character will evolve based on the skill you use.
  • Crafting. There are no fixed blueprints for crafting objects, buildings and vehicles. The game uses a system called skill-distribution that will take properties of material and convert them to items with skills.
  • World. Forests and mountains have skills. Rivers and cities have skills. Plants and trees and rocks and even the weather has skills too. An intricate system makes the world feel alive.
  • Home. You will need buildings to craft, store material and host guests. Like the rest of the game, a skill-based challenge dictates the strength of your buildings.
  • Combat. Combat offers a turn-based and multiplayer combat system. As a Mistwalker, you can bring two companions from the real world that you will recruit in your adventures. If you need more help for a fight, you can have up to four other Mistwalker join you in your fight for multiplayer cooperation.

Mist Legacy is expected for Fall 2021 on Steam



Let’s make a small exception for Delphyq by Dusk Wave Arts LLC. In fact, the game in question is a real-time game with the ability to pause and give commands to our team. I personally tried a build a while ago and liked it a lot. In Delphyq we are the mastermind behind our squad, we must analyze, plan and execute. There’s no luck or hitting chance, all, is defined by your strategy.

Key Features

  • REAL TACTICS IN REAL TIME: In Delphyq, combat does not happen in turns. The enemy won’t wait until you’re done firing. That’s why the game provides you access to a robust waypoint and command system which allows you to perform real-life military tactics and maneuvers, like Slice The Pie, Flanking, Suppressive Fire, and more.
  • TAKE COVER: The battlefield is an ally to the mindful. Delphyq’s Dynamic Cover System guarantees that nearby cover is always available wherever units may be, allowing you to keep your Operatives alive as they take down the enemy, one area at a time.
  • BE THE MASTERMIND: Analyze. Plan. Execute. Plan from the top and work your way to the bottom with Delphyq’s engaging Overworld and Intel planning system.
  • WE DON’T PLAY WITH DICE: There’s no such thing as luck in Delphyq. Every hit, miss, victory, and defeat are all dictated by your strategy, not a random number generator.
  • NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS: Intrigue and plot twists abound! Follow the story of the ragtag militant team known as the Operatives as they commit to the daunting task of taking down the corrupt corporate armistice known as the Balance. Witness as the story unfolds with one revelation after another, all culminating into an unexpected conclusion.

No release date yet, but it must be during 2021 on Steam

Deepest Chamber

Deepest Chamber

This is one of my favourite this week. Deepest Chamber by Balcony Softworks. A single-player deck-building roguelike game with a dark setting. You play as a group of former City Guards and reformed scoundrels who must discover the causes of this pestilence that has forced people to take refuge underground. Lots of content to unlock with each run and the chance to meet new allies as you descend into medieval dungeons.

Key features

  • Single-player deckbuilding card game that’s easy to get into, but also with enough depth that makes it challenging to master
  • The multitude of cards, trinkets, consumable items, enemies and overall mechanics provide enough variety and replayability to keep you coming back for more
  • Run type customization provides you with the option of choosing between two different modes: Salvage Runs and Quest Runs
  • No class restrictions! Having the ability to access the party’s entire arsenal gives you the opportunity to focus on the synergistic side of deckbuilding
  • Multiple unlocks await you in the depths, including new cards, relics, elite monsters, bosses and even more challenging difficulty levels
  • A dark and gritty story set in the bowels of what used to be the most technologically advanced city in the kingdom
  • mysterious magical dome is now covering the city and a horrible pestilent disease is spreading amongst the townsfolk, who have been forced to leave their homes and take shelter underground
  • You play as a group of former City Guards and reformed scoundrels with the goal of finding a way out of the misery that seems to have engulfed them all
  • Encounter both friends and foes as you scavenge for resources and continue to delve deeper and deeper
  • You feared death once but not anymore, as whenever your party dies they are brought back to continue their never-ending struggle

No release date yet. Here the Steam page

Please let me know what you think about these 5 promising games in the comments, or by contacting me on Twitter. Wish you the best.



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  1. Hey marcello,

    nice pick this week, I already had 4 of them on wishlist (not Manafinder, I’m not into JRPG).

    Even played the demo of Delphyq.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on turnbased games every week for us 😉


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