2 Cool Turn-Based RPGs You Can Try Now During LudoNarraCon Festival 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Top Turn-Based RPG Announcements - September 2023

Don’t Miss The Chance To Try These 2 Promising Turn-Based RPGs

Maybe Steam festivals are one of the things I like most because you can always try something new, often titles that I eagerly anticipate. It must be said, though, that it’s not easy to keep up with all the festivals that happen throughout the year. For instance, this morning, I stumbled upon the LudoNarraCon by accident and found out that, among the many available games, there were at least two titles I’ve been waiting for that are participating in this event with a playable demo.

LudoNarraCon, a digital festival celebrating narrative games, is now at its sixth annual edition. It started on May 9, 2024, and will run through May 13. Hosted on Steam, the event will feature a vibrant lineup including over 50 narrative games, 16 engaging panels and fireside chats, and 40 game demos. The festival will also host a significant sale on story-rich games. Between those games, I suggest you to try 2 cool and promising turn-based RPGs I’ve followed since their announcement.

Wander Stars – A Unique Word Turn-Based Combat RPG

Wander Stars is an upcoming game by Paper Castle Games, set to bring an innovative twist to the turn-based RPG genre. It features a unique combat system where players create custom attacks by combining words, reflecting the game’s anime inspirations. Players will join characters Ringo and Wolfe on a quest to collect pieces of the fabled Wanderstar Map through a universe filled with challenges and adventures. The game boasts over 200 words to collect, allowing for a diverse range of combat strategies and interactions with other characters.

Wanderer Stars RPG

Scheduled for release on a to-be-announced date and published by Fellow Traveller, Wander Stars invites players to engage in battles with a narrative depth typical of anime shows from the 1990s. The game progresses through 10 episodes, each offering about 60-90 minutes of gameplay that includes exploring maps, encountering procedurally generated battles, and uncovering secrets integral to the overarching story.

As players advance, they can gather Pep Ups from defeated or befriended rivals, enhancing their abilities and deepening the narrative experience. The game, featured with a demo during the LudoNarraCon, emphasizes honor in combat and the forging of friendships throughout its story-rich, anime-styled universe.

Hexxen: Hunters – 18th Century Dark Tactical RPG

Hexxen: Hunters is an RPG developed by Ulisses Spiele Digital, slated for release in 2024, that plunges players into a dark, alternate 18th-century setting where humanity is under siege from hellish forces. In this turn-based tactical RPG, players lead a team of Witch Hunters tasked with protecting the world from demonic threats. Players must manage a base of operations, train their team, and engage in strategic battles against a backdrop of an ever-evolving dark fantasy world.

Hexxen Hunters Gameplay

The game offers real-time exploration with turn-based combat, where players can develop their base in a remote hamlet, arm their Hunters with various weapons and magical devices, and delve into arcane research. The narrative unfolds a hundred years after the gates to Hell have opened, with the game setting in the Black Forest of southern Germany.

Players face procedurally generated maps and missions, ensuring unique experiences through different playthroughs. Each Hunter in the player’s party offers distinct abilities and skill trees, allowing for diverse strategies to overcome enemies ranging from vampires to powerful demonic entities.

The base management aspect challenges players to choose wisely between building upgrades like smithies or alchemist shops, which are crucial for equipping and empowering their team against the growing darkness. You can try the demo until the end of the festival.


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