Claymores of the Lost Kingdom Imagines Slay The Spire And RPG Mechanics Inside an Open World – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Claymores of the Lost Kingdom

A Graphically Inspired Roguelite Sandbox Experience

There are video games that grab your attention right from the start, and the one I’m introducing to you today is definitely one of those. Claymores of the Lost Kingdom is an upcoming indie roguelite game that combines elements of RPG, strategy, and deckbuilding, developed and published by Ultaan Games, with a release planned for 2024 on PC.

Claymores of the Lost Kingdom Roguelite

The game introduces a unique blend of a Roguelite Deckbuilder with classless RPG progression, offering players a dynamic and customizable gaming experience. Players can create and develop their hero by leveling up and enhancing attributes such as Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Intelligence. This progression unlocks new cards and playstyles, enabling deep, strategic deckbuilding tailored to each player’s unique build.

The game features an open world with lots of locations to explore and settlements, enriched with side quests and events that require players to make vital decisions. Players can choose from five fantasy races, each providing different starter decks and attribute bonuses, and eleven character backgrounds that add specific cards and attributes.

The gameplay focuses on freedom in card discovery and deck construction, with over 300 unique cards and numerous synergistic possibilities. Players will face challenges such as fighting bandits, raiding caravans, and tackling powerful leaders with procedural encounter modifiers, all while navigating through an expansive world map and engaging in combat-altering encounters.

Claymores of the Lost Kingdom is in development but players will be able to try it at the Next Fest on June 10. In the meantime, below is an overview of its features via Steam, screens, and trailer.

About The Game

A fast Roguelike Deckbuilder with classless RPG progression to give you an open sandbox adventure. Forge your hero and increase your attributes to craft a deck that changes based on your unique build. Level up, hunt bandits, and get strong enough to face the Harbinger of Doom.

Stat-based Card Discovery

Level up your character’s attributes, and find new cards based exclusively on your unique build!

Deckbuilding Freedom

  • Adaptive, classless deckbuilding system. As you increase your character’s abilities – Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Intelligence – new cards and playstyles will emerge
  • 300+ fully unique cards
  • 150+ keywords with multiple damage types, and a huge focus on synergies
  • 50+ item cards
  • 30+ combat-altering status effects
  • 5 main attribute skill trees with cards and additional perks
  • 15 streamlined archetypes and dozens of sub-playstyles

Forge Your Own Class Every Run

  • Pick one of 5 fantasy races with their own starter decks and attribute bonuses
  • Spice things up with 11 character backgrounds, each granting you a special card and an extra attribute modifier
  • Fight for loot and XP, and level up
  • Discover new cards based on your attributes

Roam the World Map

  • Explore an open world map with 99 locations, and 24 settlements
  • Embark on dangerous side quests such as smuggling supplies in a famine-struck world
  • Encounter 50+ events with difficult tradeoffs and extra choices based on your unique hero
  • Unlock exclusive world map abilities by committing to your favorite attribute skill tree
  • Fight organized bandits who hoard resources, raid caravans, and pillage settlements
  • Adapt your strategy to hunt down challenging elites and slay wanted leaders who have procedural encounter modifiers


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