10 Incredibly Good Indie Turn-Based RPGs And Strategy Games You Probably Missed

Written by Marcello TBL

10 Indie RPGs and Strategy Games You Should Play in 2024

Here are some of the best Indie Games Released in 2024 that you should try on PC

For those looking for something new to play, your friendly Italian neighborhood is here to bring you some of the most interesting Indie RPGs and Strategy games that you might have missed and should definitely try.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep up with all the releases, especially in the indie games world, but thankfully there’s TBL. After all, my project started as a collection of semi-unknown videogames, and that continues to be the main goal of the project I’m carrying forward.

Today, I’ve decided to do a quick check and include in this article 10 of the most recent indie titles; you’ll find RPGs, roguelites, strategy games, and a mix of interesting genres.

Chrono Ark

Kicking off this article, let’s talk about Chrono Ark, which has garnered a “Very Positive” rating on Steam just a few days after its release. It’s an RPG that casts players as investigators tasked with the usual world-saving mission.

Chrono Ark RPG

Expect first-person combat typical of classic dungeon crawlers, where the player commands up to four heroes, each equipped with unique abilities. There’s a card system for managing skills, plenty of elements to unlock, and the classic roguelite cycle of dying and restarting again.

Clash II

For just $12, you can’t miss out on the second installment of a fascinating HOMM-like game that was released just a few months ago. Clash II, is a turn-based strategy game that thrusts players into a mystical world embroiled in an ancient magical conflict. The game challenges players to explore uncharted lands, train armies, and strengthen heroes to command either side of a fierce battle determining the fate of a continent.

Clash II - HOMM-Like

Clash II continues the saga of the Pure Ones and the Old Ones, with the former group seeking to expand their dominance. Players can build and manage their headquarters, enhance their armies through upgrades and technologies, and delve into side quests that enrich the storyline. The game’s environment features ancient ruins and magical creatures guarding potent artifacts, all set against a backdrop of stylized visuals and atmospheric music designed to deepen the immersion into its war-torn world.


Despite being six years old, Into The Breach continues to inspire countless projects today. The latest example is Tendryll, a tactical rogue-lite that swaps commanding robots and tanks for plunging the player into a dark fantasy world. Here, players control unique heroes and coordinate attacks to prevail.

Tendryll Roguelite Game

Tendryll sets itself apart with its intricate card modification system. Each hero possesses a unique deck of move and skill cards, allowing for dynamic and tactical manipulation of both heroes and enemies during combat. This includes abilities to knock enemies into obstacles, teleport, or even manipulate allies and foes’ positions.

The game environment is designed to challenge players with its combination of hazardous terrains and enemy setups that require thoughtful engagement strategies. As you can expect from roguelites, Tendryll also features a comprehensive progression system where players unlock new heroes, relics, and potions through completing bounties, aiming to perfect their strategic approach across various challenging encounters.

Revival: Recolonization

Since I started the TBL project, I’ve noticed that 4X strategy games have a huge following and each year, numerous projects are launched in this genre. Revival: Recolonization is one such game featuring a particularly intriguing setting.

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the game plunges players into a dynamically changing world where both the physical environment and game rules evolve, creating a deeply engaging and replayable experience. Players explore this transformed Earth, striving to rebuild civilization and prepare humanity for impending conflicts.

Revival Recolonization 4X Strategy Game

The gameplay of Revival: Recolonization is distinguished by its adaptability to changing conditions such as weather anomalies, infestations, and regulatory edicts that players must navigate. This system affects not only the terrain but also the strategic rules applied to different map regions.

Players guide their chosen clan through four evolutionary epochs, utilizing a rich system of customization for their settlements and armies. The game encourages tactical combat that includes turn-based battles where players must cleverly manage troops equipped with various crafted components and make strategic use of destructible environments.


Inkulinati might be the most famous title on this list, thanks to a robust marketing campaign during its development, a year in early access, and, notably, its unique graphics and setting. In any case, I didn’t want the release of version 1.0 to go unnoticed.

The core gameplay of Inkulinati revolves around mastering the art of Living Ink to create and control a bestiary of beasts, each with unique abilities and tactical advantages. Players can challenge medieval superstars, unlock perks, and utilize hidden powers to outmaneuver their opponents.


The game features a variety of interactive battlefield elements like exploding pots and unpredictable apocalyptic events that can drastically alter the course of a match. Each battle requires careful planning and strategic foresight, with a focus on using Inkulinati Masters’ hand actions to manipulate the battlefield, providing a layer of depth that challenges even seasoned strategy enthusiasts.

Slice & Dice

Next one is a tactical dice battle roguelite called Slice & Dice that was released on March. The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its unique blend of strategy and luck. Players control five heroes, each equipped with distinctive dice, navigating through challenging levels teeming with monsters. The ultimate goal is to defeat the final boss, but if players lose just once, they must restart the entire game.

Slice & Dice Roguelite Pc Game

The gameplay in Slice & Dice is characterized by its 3D dice physics, which allows players to choose which dice to reroll to influence the outcome of battles. This turn-based combat system encourages strategic thinking with each turn functioning like a mini-puzzle. Players can level up their heroes or gain new items after each fight, enhancing their abilities to face tougher challenges.

The game features a vast array of 128 hero classes, 73 types of monsters, and 473 different items, creating a rich and varied experience. Additionally, the game supports modding and includes online leaderboards to foster a competitive environment among players.


I love wordplay, but that’s not the only reason Cureocity is on this list. The game is a charming indie adventure game that merges puzzle-solving with turn-based combat and it’s free to play. It takes players on a journey through mystical dungeons with a rookie adventurer and an ex-mercenary turned healer, each bringing their unique perspectives and abilities to the team.

Cureocity Pc Free Game

The gameplay encourages players to adapt their strategies based on the unique traits of monsters they encounter, deciding whether to fight, purify, or avoid them altogether. As players explore deeper into the dungeon, they uncover the hidden dangers and the underlying stories and truths of the world and characters. Each choice influences the unfolding narrative, offering a personalized ending based on the decisions throughout the game.


It’s unlikely that you’re unfamiliar with Monster Train, the acclaimed 2020 deck-building roguelite, where players command the forces of hell on a train journey, clashing with angels and heroes along the way. Now, the creators of that hit game have returned with an exciting new project called Inkbound, a cooperative tactical RPG with lots of style and cool mechanics.

Inkbound RPG

The gameplay of Inkbound is characterized by its unique turn-based system where players can move freely and act simultaneously, particularly in multiplayer settings. This allows for a fluid gameplay experience that adjusts pace based on the complexity of the decisions at hand. Players explore a variety of character classes, each with the potential to be customized extensively through draftable abilities, ability upgrades, and a plethora of items, ensuring a fresh experience with every run, for sure a game not to miss.

Mortal Glory 2

The first installment was one of the most entertaining indie roguelites recently. True, you have to look beyond the graphics, which personally I’m not a fan of, but beneath this rough exterior lies a challenging and intriguing roguelite that you must try.

Mortal glory 2

In Mortal Glory 2, players navigate a variety of unique arenas with randomized elements and special rules that ensure no two fights are the same. The game features a wide range of fantasy races, each with distinct racial strengths, adding layers of strategy in team composition and combat tactics. Players are challenged to discover effective combinations of relics and character perks, turning their gladiators into formidable contenders.

The game’s difficulty scales offer everything from easy beginner challenges to brutal tests for the most seasoned strategists. With its engaging gameplay loop, Mortal Glory 2 promises a fresh experience in each session, accommodating players with limited time and those who wish to delve deeper into its strategic complexities.


And I’ll wrap up this list of indie games you should not miss with Nemire, a turn-based tactical RPG developed and published by Egidijus Adomaitis, released in February. In this darkly themed game, players assume the role of an immortal warlord who commands a squad of undead warriors in a medieval fantasy setting. The game’s objective is to conquer human territories, slaying and harnessing the souls of humans to empower your undead forces and strive for total annihilation of the living.


The gameplay of Nemire centers around strategic combat where players can build and enhance their squad of undead. Each unit in the squad can evolve and gain new powers through the collection of human souls, which are essential for summoning additional forces and upgrading existing ones. The game features a combination of handcrafted and procedurally generated environments, providing a variety of tactical challenges that increase in difficulty as players progress.

The combat system allows for the customization of units with random traits that affect their abilities and standard attacks, adding depth and replayability to the strategic planning required to advance through the game.

That’s everything I wanted to share with you this week. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and find out if you’ve checked out any of these games. Remember to follow us on Google News to keep up with all our latest updates, and don’t forget to join our Discord server and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!


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