Don’t Miss These Dungeon Crawler RPGs With The FUNgeon Crawlers Bundle

Written by Marcello TBL

The Fungeon Crawler RPG Bundle

Discover the Ultimate RPG Experience with the FUNgeon Crawlers Game Bundle

I’ve been a member of Humble for a long time, and every month I snag a bunch of games with the Choice subscription. (In the May package, I got access to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, so it’s no small deal.) Sure, finding the time to play them is another story. But where Humble really shines is in their monthly list of bundles. One of the latest, most interesting, especially for us turn-based game lovers, is the FUNgeon Crawlers Bundle now live.

Are you ready to embark on thrilling dungeon adventures and test your tactical skills? The FUNgeon Crawlers Game Bundle offers a unique collection of critically acclaimed games that will satisfy any RPG and dungeon crawler enthusiast. This bundle features seven diverse games, each with its own unique appeal, available in a flexible package tailored to your gaming desires and budget.

For those not yet familiar with the Humble Bundle model, let me briefly explain how it works. Basically, you can choose to spend a minimum of 6 dollars and get 3 of the 7 games in the bundle, or spend 10 dollars to get 5 games, while from 14 dollars upwards you’ll have access to the entire package.

Below, you’ll find the complete list of games in this bundle. As I mentioned earlier, this bundle is particularly relevant to us because it includes 3 very interesting turn-based RPGs that are definitely worth the money you’ll spend. Additionally, it’s worth noting that a portion of the money you spend on Humble is donated to various charities, and using the links in this article help us earn a little of gold part is donated to me.

1. Abalon: Master Tactical Deckbuilding


Rating: 91% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Verified
Dive into the world of Abalon, a game that challenges you to master tactical deckbuilding to overcome diverse adversaries. With an upcoming expansion, “Abalon Arena,” this game promises even more strategic depth and multiplayer excitement. Whether you’re a veteran or new to deckbuilding games, Abalon offers an engaging experience with a high replay value.

2. MythForce: Your Saturday Morning Adventure

Rating: 70% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Playable
Transform your gameplay into a nostalgic Saturday morning cartoon with MythForce. Perfect for cooperative play, this game supports up to four players and offers a fun-filled adventure in a vibrantly animated world. Embrace the hero within and enjoy a lighter, more casual gameplay experience.

3. Lunacid: A Haunting Dungeon Experience

Rating: 91% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Verified
Lunacid invites players into a hauntingly atmospheric first-person dungeon crawler that challenges your survival skills. Explore dark, mysterious environments and battle sinister creatures in a game that perfectly blends exploration with suspense.

4. Siralim Ultimate: Ultimate Monster-Catching RPG

Siralim Ultimate

Rating: 94% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Playable
Siralim Ultimate is a comprehensive RPG that lets you catch, train, and battle monsters across endless dungeon environments. With its robust mechanics and extensive content, this game is a dream come true for players who love depth and customization in their RPG adventures.

5. Devil Spire: Endless Dungeon Challenges

Rating: 93% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Verified
Experience the thrill of procedural generation with Devil Spire, a first-person dungeon crawler that offers six game modes and endless replayability. Each playthrough promises new challenges and setups, making it a perfect pick for those who love discovering something new with every game session.

6. Hellslave: Save the World with Skill


Rating: 79% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Verified
Hellslave is a game that combines action-packed gameplay with deep skill customization. Experiment with dozens of active and passive skills to tailor your approach to combat and strategize the best ways to save the world from demonic forces.

7. Going Under: Corporate Dungeons Await

Rating: 93% Positive on Steam
Availability: Deck Verified
Step into the quirky world of Going Under, where you navigate the depths of dystopian corporate dungeons. With a humorous twist on the traditional dungeon crawler, this game offers both a critique of corporate culture and a fun, engaging combat experience.

Why Choose the FUNgeon Crawlers Game Bundle?

The FUNgeon Crawlers Game Bundle is not just a collection of games; it’s an invitation to experience diverse worlds and gameplay styles. From tactical deckbuilding to monster-catching adventures, this bundle offers something for every RPG and dungeon crawler fan. Available in different sizes, you can choose the entire seven-item bundle or smaller selections based on your interests and budget.

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