Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News & Releases – 12 May 2024

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Weekly Recap RPG News And Releases

Even this week brings another edition of my Weekly RPG Recap. I said, “Even this week,” because lately, there’s no consistency in my daily routine; my schedule is packed, and I’ve been running around non-stop, trying to keep up with everything. While my day-to-day may be unpredictable, one thing that remains a constant is the steady flow of news, announcements, and weekly releases related to RPGs and strategy games.

I’ve rounded up plenty of news this week, and I’m eager to dive in, but before we get started, if you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Google News. This way, you’ll always be in the loop with all our latest updates. Let’s kick off the weekly recap.

Acclaimed RPG Wildermyth Is Ready To Launch a New DLC

Everyone should try this fantastic indie RPG, and the release of the new DLC could be the perfect opportunity. Wildermyth, the indie RPG celebrated for its Dungeons and Dragons-like experience, is set to expand with its new DLC, Omenroad. This update introduces a detailed new campaign and a roguelike mode, promising a richer and more varied adventure for its players.

The game itself offers a dynamic narrative that lets players guide their characters from their inception through a lifetime of pivotal events and battles, reflecting significant personal milestones and the evolution of their legacies. The overwhelmingly positive reception from nearly 15,000 Steam reviews highlights its acclaim in the gaming community, particularly among fans of tactical turn-based combat and intricate storytelling.

Wildermyth New DLC

The Omenroad DLC promises to be Wildermyth’s most elaborately crafted campaign to date, delving into the enigmatic realm of Netherflare with over 25 new battle maps. Players can attend the Neverbefore Ball at a dragon’s castle, where the storyline deviates from the game’s usual procedural generation to offer a fully authored experience that builds on the game’s existing lore.

Additionally, the DLC includes a roguelike challenge mode, inspired by popular games like Slay the Spire, where players face a sequence of difficult battles, earning new abilities and rewards that integrate into the main game. Scheduled for release on May 16, this DLC is available for wishlist addition on Steam, catering to both combat-focused gamers and those who relish deep narrative exploration.

Guide an orc clan in new strategy game just announced

Fika Productions, known for their acclaimed game Ship of Fools, has unveiled their latest project, Don’t Kill Them All. This innovative title blends turn-based strategy with base-building elements, focusing on an unusual goal for orc clans: achieving inner peace. Set to launch on Steam and various consoles, the game introduces players to a unique protagonist: a half-orc, half-elf life coach dedicated to transforming the traditionally violent orcs by posing the question: “What if we didn’t kill them all?”

Don't Kill Them All Strategy Game

Don’t Kill Them All challenges players to reorient the destructive tendencies of their orc clans towards more constructive and mindful activities. Orcs, typically known for their aggressive behavior and poor financial management, are guided to build and sustain their camp, gather resources, and achieve clan glory—all while fostering environmental sustainability and strengthening personal relationships.

The gameplay requires careful management of the orcs’ limited energy and attention, as reckless actions can damage essential resources or harm the very creatures they’re tasked with protecting. The game also features a sprawling map with diverse biomes to explore, ensuring that resource gathering and monster encounters are handled with prudence.

New Gameplay Details About JRPG Metaphor: Refantazio

ATLUS and Studio Zero have introduced fresh elements for their upcoming Japanese RPG, Metaphor: ReFantazio, set to release on October 11. The game’s innovative Fast & Squad battle system allows players to alternate between real-time action (“Fast”) and turn-based strategy (“Squad”) within dungeon settings. This flexibility enhances tactical gameplay, enabling players to adapt quickly to combat situations based on enemy strength and type, which can be gauged using the protagonist’s partner, Gallica’s “Fae Sight” ability.

Metaphor Refantazio RPG New Details

The narrative and gameplay extend beyond combat, exploring deep character development through Archetypes—heroic personas that players can awaken and transform into during battles, each with unique abilities. The game also emphasizes the significance of forming bonds with followers, which strengthens the protagonist’s capabilities and unlocks new storylines.

Additionally, the “Gauntlet Runner,” a magically-powered mobile base, plays a crucial role in traversing the game’s perilous landscapes, offering various in-game activities and contributing to the overall travel experience. You can find more details in the Gematsu article.

New Tactics To Plan on PC And Nintendo Switch

Club Sandwich has announced its latest endeavor, Shuffle Tactics, a roguelite deckbuilding tactical RPG set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch. While the release date is still under wraps, the game promises an engaging mix of strategy and card-based play. Inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire, Shuffle Tactics invites players into the corrupted lands of Asteria, where they must use their wits and card combos to fight back against Corrupted Dwellers and attempt to restore order.

Shuffle Tactics RPG

In Shuffle Tactics, players can expect intense tactical turn-based battles that require careful thinking and effective positioning. The game offers in-depth deckbuilding options, enabling players to craft powerful strategies by combining various cards and hero abilities.

Additionally, players will have the opportunity to hire and bond with unique sidekicks, each enhancing the gameplay with distinct mechanics. Despite the high stakes, the game’s design ensures that death is not the end; players are resurrected to explore and conquer repeatedly, adding a layer of depth as they uncover the secrets behind their ongoing rebirths in Asteria.

Crazy-Enough Roguelite Rogue Voltage Now Available in Early Access

Rogue Voltage combines the thrill of roguelike deckbuilders with the complexity of an automation game. Players dive into a world where time itself is fractured, tasked with engineering their way through challenges by constructing and managing their own skillsets. This involves creatively wiring together various modules to build machines capable of anything from zapping enemies to storing energy for critical moments.

Rogue Voltage Roguelite

The gameplay revolves around strategic decision-making each turn. Players decide how to allocate their energy—whether to attack monsters, manipulate the timeline, heal, or conserve energy for more powerful actions in subsequent turns. The unique twist of this game lies in its time manipulation feature, allowing players to shift turns forward or backward, avoiding disasters or repositioning enemies for tactical advantages.

Rogue Voltage has garnered significant recognition in the indie gaming scene, including awards and nominations like the Indie Arena Booth Pitch Royal at Gamescom 2024, the Favorite Let’s Play Award at devcom 2023, and finalist positions in various other prestigious indie game competitions. So, now it’s the perfect time to give this intriguing roguelite a try on PC via Steam.

4X Tactical RPG Hidden Pass Launched on Kickstarter

I introduced this very interesting fusion between 4X and Tactical RPG last week, and now I find myself announcing its launch on Kickstarter, in fact, GG Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new game Hidden Pass, a fusion of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical RPG. With an ambitious goal of raising $10,700 USD, the Oslo-based indie developer aims to finalize the development of a game that combines magical elements with mechanical innovation in a chaotic world.

Set for release on platforms like Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Humble, the game offers backers various rewards, including a game copy, inclusion in the game credits, and exclusive updates, starting at the €20 EUR pledge level.

Hidden Pass Gameplay

Hidden Pass features a dual-layer gameplay system where strategic decisions are made on a world map, and combat occurs in grid-based tactical battles. The game draws inspiration from classics like Into The Breach and Heroes of Might and Magic 3, as well as Songs Of Conquest. Players can expect to navigate through sky-islands, utilizing techno-magical devices and building automatons to explore and conquer.

Combat involves managing the risks of Elyrium, a powerful resource that enhances abilities at the risk of driving units mad. The game is visually inspired by Divinity: Original Sin 2, and emphasizes a dynamic between strategic management and intense tactical combat, with about 70% of gameplay dedicated to the latter.

Strategy RPG Songs of Silence Delayed

Chimera Entertainment has announced a delay in the early access release of their game, Songs of Silence, a 4X Fantasy Strategy RPG. Originally set for release on May 23rd, the game’s debut has been moved to June 4th, 2024. The decision to delay the release was made to allow additional time for final content enhancements and polishing based on constructive player feedback. This adjustment aims to balance the gameplay more effectively and ensure the game lives up to both player and developer expectations.

Songs of silence

Songs of Silence is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world facing the existential threat of an entity known as the Silence. The game intricately blends kingdom management, auto-battler mechanics, hero development, and swift real-time battles. It is visually distinguished by its Art Nouveau style, which brings a unique, organic flair to the game’s fantasy landscape.

Scheduled for a PC release on Steam in early access, the game is expected to transition to full release later in 2024 and subsequently launch on major consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

New RPG Announced

Armor Games Studios, in collaboration with AN Productions, has unveiled Designated Demigod, a novel turn-based combo RPG set to launch on PC via Steam. While the release date remains unspecified, the game promises a fresh take on RPG mechanics by allowing players to craft elaborate combos in a turn-based system. This new RPG challenges players to strategically position their attacks for maximal impact, featuring moves that can launch enemies, juggle them in the air, and even involve a player’s canine companion in the action.

Designated Demigods Announced

Designated Demigod immerses players in a world where mythical conflict and modern concerns intersect. The narrative unfolds across diverse environments like lush forests, forgotten tunnels, and a mystical island, all overshadowed by the ominous closure of the Mountain Research Center due to ‘safety concerns’. As the story progresses, players will find themselves at the heart of a dire conflict involving reawakened gods.

Unique Survival Strategy Introduces New Content

Michele Pirovano, the Italian indie developer behind dotAGE, has released a new content update for its turn-based survival roguelite village-builder game. This latest update dubbed the Yugong update, is freely available to all players and introduces a host of new features inspired by Chinese culture. This cultural expansion coincides with the game’s new Chinese localization, broadening its accessibility and appeal.


The Yugong update enriches dotAGE with a new Elder character, additional buildings, and fresh resources, all themed around Chinese cultural elements. Alongside these additions, the update includes balance enhancements and introduces 16 new boons designed to diversify gameplay and enhance player experience.

dotAGE, which draws inspiration from worker placement board games, is available for PC, macOS, and Linux on platforms such as Steam and GoG.

RTWP Dark Envoy Introduced the Director’s Cut

The RPG Dark Envoy is set to receive a significant update with the Director’s Cut, scheduled to launch on PC via Steam on May 15, 2024. This update, labeled v1.4, is designed to enhance the game’s balance and narrative depth following feedback gathered during the initial six months since its release. The Director’s Cut introduces new cutscenes and expanded narration to emphasize the moral complexities of the game’s central conflict.

Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy is recognized for its rich, non-linear storytelling and dynamic tactical combat that incorporates elements from acclaimed franchises such as the Divinity series, XCOM, and Mass Effect. The game unfolds in the war-torn world of Jäan, where players navigate the tensions between magic and technology. The update promises to refine these experiences further, offering players deeper involvement in the world’s fate through their choices, which can alter the game’s storyline and outcomes dramatically.

The gameplay of Dark Envoy includes exploring diverse environments using a Skyship, engaging in real-time combat that can be paused or slowed for strategic planning, and diving into shape-shifting dungeons that offer new challenges and rewards with each entry.

Physical versions on the way for Wargrove 1+2

Fans of the turn-based strategy game Wargroove have something exciting to look forward to as a physical release bundling both Wargroove 1 and Wargroove 2 is set to hit the shelves for Nintendo Switch. This limited edition release will feature only 4,000 copies, each including a cartridge with both games, a reversible cover, a full-color manual, an exclusive sticker, and a trading card pack. The physical set is scheduled to be available starting May 16, 2024.


Wargroove offers a deep tactical gameplay experience where players choose from a vibrant cast of commanders, each with unique abilities, to lead in battles across extensive campaigns and multiplayer skirmishes. The sequel, Wargroove 2, continues to build on this foundation with additional commanders, enhanced commander abilities known as Grooves, and an array of new unit types and game modes, including a night mode and a roguelike conquest mode.

Both games support local and online multiplayer and feature robust content creation tools that allow players to design and share their own maps and campaigns.

Tactical RPG King Arthur: Legion IX Now Available

NeocoreGames has just released King Arthur: Legion IX on Steam, expanding the dark fantasy universe of King Arthur with a new turn-based tactical RPG. Set in the mythical land of Avalon, this game introduces a fresh narrative and characters while offering complex challenges that will appeal both to new players and those familiar with previous titles in the series.

The storyline of King Arthur: Legion IX revolves around the infamous Ninth Legion of Rome, led by the fallen hero Gaius Julius Mento. Tasked by the deceased Emperor Septimus Sulla to find a way out of Tartarus, the legion inadvertently arrives in Avalon, prompted by Mento to conquer the island and establish Eternal Rome. Players will navigate this narrative, deciding whether to restore Gaius’s humanity or let him succumb to a demonic transformation.

Legion IX Gameplay

Gameplay in King Arthur: Legion IX is deeply strategic, requiring players to manage a party of 5-6 heroes through intense tactical combat and moral dilemmas. Players will engage in battles that emphasize the use of cover, traps, and flanking, along with an advanced overwatch and opportunity system. The game offers a rich mix of role-playing elements and tactical decision-making, enhanced by unique skills and abilities for each hero.

To celebrate the game’s launch, NeocoreGames is offering promotional discounts, including 10% off King Arthur: Legion IX for one week, 60% off King Arthur: Knight’s Tale for two weeks, and an extra 15% off the Tales of Avalon bundle for a month.

JRPG WitchSpring R Soon on Consoles

We have dedicated lots of space to the title, with the review and guides over the months and now WitchSpring R, the turn-based RPG developed by Kiwi Walks and published by PM Studios, is set to launch on consoles on August 29, 2024. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This release will cater to a global audience with language support for English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.


WitchSpring R is a remake of the original WitchSpring, initially released for iOS and Android platforms. The story centers around Pieberry, a young witch who resides in solitude within a mystical forest. The gameplay combines exploration, crafting, and turn-based combat elements, providing a rich narrative and interactive experience.

Roguelike Terra Randoma Has a Release Date

It’s one of the Roguelikes I’ve followed the most since the beginning of its development and throughout the entire Early Access phase, and now I am pleased to announce that Terra Randoma has a release date for version 1.0.

Terra Randoma is a traditional turn-based roguelike RPG that offers a richly detailed procedurally generated open world. Released in December 2020 by developer and publisher Deniz K., the game invites players to explore a dynamic world filled with dungeons, quests, and unique challenges. The game stands out for its deep character customization options, including skills, talent stones, and randomized items, allowing players to shape their characters in diverse ways as they uncover ancient secrets.

Terra Randoma

Terra Randoma features a variety of environments and scenarios influenced by player actions that directly impact the world’s settlements and ecosystems. Players can engage in numerous activities such as potion crafting, cooking, and fishing, adding layers of depth to the gameplay.

The game also includes a robust quest system, with a main quest chain featuring an endgame boss and additional quests from different factions and taverns. Terra Randoma will be released on PC via Steam on May 23, 2024.

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