Call Upon 60 Heroes in Turn-Based RPG Umbra The Last Summoner – Overview

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Umbra The Last Summoner RPG

Set for release in Q3 2024 on PC, Umbra – The Last Summoner is an adventure RPG crafted by EpiRPG, where players assume the role of the realm’s only summoner. This unique position charges them with the task of halting a demon invasion that threatens the mystical world of Umbra.

To fight this menace, players must strategically summon and command a diverse group of 60 heroes, each endowed with distinct abilities, to participate in intricate, turn-based combat against a legion of more than 160 demons and monsters.

Umbra The Last Summoner RPG

The game unfolds across 15 expansive areas, rich with opportunities for exploration, combat, and narrative progression. Players will encounter over 100 side quests and face colossal boss fights, enhancing their summoner’s powers with soul energy gained from victories and discoveries. The sophisticated battle mechanics emphasize strategic management of action points and leverage elemental strengths and weaknesses to tilt skirmishes in the player’s favor.

Throughout their journey, players will interact with a variety of NPCs, engaging in dialogue, receiving quests, and trading, thereby enriching the immersive experience and advancing the storyline against the backdrop of Umbra’s demon-threatened land.

Below is an overview of Umbra – The Last Summoner via Steam page and screens.


As the sole summoner, step into the mystical realm of Umbra to rescue it from the encroaching demon army emerging from dimensional rifts.
To end this invasion, call upon 60 diverse heroes, each with unique abilities, and engage in strategic, round-based RPG battles against more than 160 monsters and demons.

Immerse yourself in vast landscapes, tackle over 100 side quests, conquer colossal boss monsters, and venture through 5 distinct rifts into the demon dimension.
Your epic journey awaits as you explore, battle, and unravel the mysteries threatening the land of Umbra.

  • The game is a very open RPG game that currently is split into 15 big areas.
  • The player plays as a summoner, who can summon heroes to fight for them.
  • Soul energy is used to summon more heroes, weapons, and runes to strengthen the heroes.
  • The player can collect soul energy by winning battles against monsters or demons, by finishing quests, or by exploring the world.
  • The battle system is round-based and utilizes action points that are used depending on the selected attack. Items are usable and monsters, heroes and attacks have elements that are strong or weak against certain other elements.
  • Each NPC is fully intractable and has its own little dialogue tree.
  • Some of them give quests, others just talk to the player, and again others are traders.
  • The main quest follows to hero on their journey to fight against demons lords, who are attacking the land.
  • Each demon lord lives in a „rift“, which basically is the world owned by the demon lord


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