Shuffle Tactics: Conceived from the Unlikely Union of Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Shuffle Tactics Roguelite RPG

Surely, tactical games are among my favorite genres, not to mention the pixel graphics and the game I’m introducing showcases tactical mechanics, features superpixel graphics, and, most importantly, has a unique cast of anthropomorphic heroes. Shuffle Tactics, developed and published by Club Sandwich, is rogue-lite deckbuilding tactical RPG that blends strategic turn-based combat with card game mechanics.

Shuffle Tactics Gameplay

The game encourages players to strategize and overcome challenging battles by creating potent card synergies and developing relationships with sidekicks to gain advantages in combat. Each gameplay run is unique, providing diverse experiences as players aim to rule the mystical land of Asteria.

Shuffle Tactics core features involve deep deckbuilding elements where players can customize their approaches by mixing different hero mechanics and unlocking powerful cards. It also includes a narrative where players repeatedly face death and resurrection, adding a layer of mystery about the recurring cycles of life and combat in a corrupted world.

This mix of tactical grid-based maps in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire card mechanics has true potential, but we must wait a little for Shuffle Tactics to be released. In fact, there is only a Q2 2024 window on PC and a “TBA” on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. In the meantime, below is an overview of the game Via Steam, screens, and a Trailer.


What if Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire had a baby? Build your deck, unleash powerful combos in fast paced strategic turn based battles and discover all the mysteries and horrors hidden in Asteria. Do you have what it takes to cleanse the land of its corruption and become its Ruler?

Tactical turn based battles

utwit the Corrupted Dwellers thanks to battle tactics and positioning. Shuffle Tactics offers you all the tools you need to prevail. Tactical RPG players will feel right at home

In-depth deckbuilding

Imbued by the Glimmer, each Hero has their own set of mechanics that you can mix and match through deckbuilding. Find the best strategies and unlock the most powerful cards as you try to cleanse the corrupted lands of Asteria, becoming a Herald of Legend.

Grow your bond with sidekicks

Hire unique sidekicks and grow your bond with them to unlock powerful battle mechanics. Will the perfect party lead you to victory?

Death is not the end

The path ahead of you is difficult, and you will die, over and over again… But it won’t be the end. A force beyond your understanding keeps bringing you back to this cursed world. Can you uncover the secrets behind this perpetual cycle?


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