A Bit of Tactics Available Now

Written by Marcello TBL

A bit of Tactics is realising on January 2023

Everyone needs a A Bit of Tactics right? The Tactical Roguelite RPG developed by indie dev KreamyLand is available now on Steam. Grid-based battles that mix tactics and puzzles with lots of stuff to find, fun boss battles, and a vast cast of enemies to defeat.

Below A Bit of Tactics overview and Trailer

Your heart has a hole for tactics, fill it up.

A Bit of Tactics is a turn-based/grid-based strategy roguelite, primarily focused on skill-based gameplay. On each playthrough fight through a set of increasingly more challenging encounters and receive increasingly more valuable rewards such as new gear, spells and potions.

When strategy is the only language your enemy understands, you have no choice, but to get on their level

  • Tactics: Every encounter is a new puzzle for you to solve. Don’t let your fighters die, if you don’t want to restart.
  • Strategy: Choose proper gear for your fighters. The right combination is key.
  • 200+ Loot: Helmets, armor, weapons, potions, scrolls and books. 6 tiers of items to collect.
  • 100+ Enemies: Orcs, undead, vegetables, demons and more. All factions with their own roguelite campaign containing unique rule sets, fighters and bosses.
  • 15+ Boss Fights: The real challenge or each run is the boss at the end. These will test whether you have mastered this game.


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