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Age of Wonders 4 – How the new Siege System works

Written by Marcello TBL

Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, is one of the most anticipated strategy games of 2023. The game is expected to be released on the 2nd of May, 2023 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

There isn’t much time to wait, but in the meantime, the developers are sharing a ton of details about the new mechanics that will be featured in the fantasy strategy game through their development diary and video tutorials.

Age of Wonders 4 Siege System

Today, we will focus on the new invasion system called the Siege System. Simply put, this system manages the mechanics of besieging and defending a city.

In Age of Wonders 4, the importance of cities in an empire’s economy and military power is significant. Losing a city, especially the capital, could result in the loss or win of the game. Game developers have introduced the Siege system to address the issue of unprotected cities and battles becoming repetitive.

The Siege System during defenses

The Siege system gives defenders time to respond and adds more variety to city battles. Instead of using the Garrison system, which led to auto-resolving battles, the Siege system allows defenders to invest in structures that delay attackers and affect the battle map. Attackers must lay siege to the cities for multiple turns in the world map and invest in Siege Projects to bring siege engines to the battle or otherwise counter some of the city defenses before they can launch a final decisive battle.

Age of Wonders 4 Siege Defense

Several categories of defense structures will be represented in the Siege battle. Wall Defense Structures contribute the most to Fortification Health, and at least one wall must be built in a city to add the requirement for attackers to siege it. Tower Defense Structures spawn units during combat alongside the walls with incredible range and automatically fire upon attacking units.

Battlement Defense Structures create special obstacles on the positions just behind the wall that benefit the Defender in some way. Support Defense Structures add special modifiers to the combat, often in the form of Combat Enchantments. All defensive structures add Fortification Health, which determines the rough amount of time attackers will need to spend sieging the city before they can launch their attack.

The Siege system not only adds depth and strategy to city battles but also makes scouting enemy cities essential. Players can even spot the kind of walls an enemy city has by looking at the city model, providing valuable information to make informed decisions.

Time to Attack

Players can initiate a siege by attacking a hostile walled city with at least one hero leading the siege. A prompt will appear with an estimated time of turns until the siege is completed. During a siege, players can select Siege Projects, which are actions that can be taken to destroy defenses, speed up the siege, or steal population from the besieged city.

Age of Wonders 4 Gameplay

These projects can come at a cost and can be obtained through empire skills, tomes, or Ancient Wonders. Reserve armies can also be used to scout or pillage province improvements, leaving the defender with opportunities for counter-attacks. Defenders can see what Siege Projects are being taken against the city and how long the siege will last, recruit units in the city, and rally defenders from other places.

Once the timer has run out and the Fortification Health depleted to 0, the attacker can initiate the battle. The battle map is grim and ridden with destruction, and breaches have appeared in the walls. City Defense Structures and Siege Projects can also affect the battle map. Wall obstacles count as cover, making targets count as Obscured when they shoot over them.

Below you can find an overview of the game via Steam and the latest trailer showing the economy tutorial.


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