Undertale & Hollow Knight-Inspired RPG ASTROMEDA now on Kickstarter

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ASTROMEDA, by indie dev Liran Kamisa, is a story-driven, fast-paced, and turn-based RPG inspired by popular titles like Undertale, Celeste, and Hollow Knight. The game just launched its Kickstarter Campaign, and now I give you some details about the project.

Astromeda Combat System


In ASTROMEDA, players take on the role of a human astronaut on a quest to uncover the truth behind an asteroid that collided with Earth, wiping out all life forms. The game features a battle system that combines traditional turn-based actions with real-time attack dodging, similar to Metroidvania game bosses.

In-Game Background Story

In a world where all living organisms have been wiped out by a massive asteroid, a new race of bacteria has emerged. These evolved bacteria have gained consciousness and built their own thriving colony on Earth. Meanwhile, four astronauts in space before the asteroid hit Earth finally returned home, hoping to revive the human race. However, they crash land and get taken hostage by armed bacteria guards.

As the Co. captain of the crew, you go into a coma after the crash, leaving the rest of the crew to explore their new surroundings alone. In ASTROMEDA, players follow the story of a lone human astronaut who must navigate a world filled with human-like bacteria and go on a quest to find his crew and revive the human race.

Along the way, players willl explore new cities and towns built by the evolved bacteria and meet new friends who could help them in their journey. ASTROMEDA promises to take players on a thrilling adventure through a unique, immersive world full of memorable characters and exciting challenges.



ASTROMEDA’s battle system is inspired by older Pokemon games and Undertale, with enemies encountered randomly in the world. Some bacteria are hostile, attacking the player out of self-defense. In battle, the player can choose to attack or find a way to end it peacefully, similar to Undertale.

Each enemy has a shield and True HP, and the player needs to perform an action to massively damage the shield. After the attack, it’s the enemy’s turn to attack, and the combat style is inspired by Hollow Knight. Unique dialogue is available for each enemy, and finding stronger weapons can help the player defeat enemies and bosses faster.

The game takes place in a world divided into unique areas that the player can explore. Each area has its own distinct look, style, and enemies, and players can interact with unique NPCs, find hidden rooms and items, solve puzzles, and experience unique ways of transportation. The journey begins in “The Basement” and continues to “Sandveil,” with plans for at least five different areas. Each new area introduces a new main character and new enemies, minibosses, and minigames.



Liran Kamisa is a game developer who has been creating games since his teenage years. He got the inspiration for his latest game, ASTROMEDA, in 2019 after falling in love with games like Undertale, Celeste, and Hollow Knight. Liran worked on a prototype of ASTROMEDA after receiving positive feedback from his friends and family. As he worked on the game, the scope grew larger until he decided to take it seriously and make it into a full game.

Liran has been working solo on ASTROMEDA for almost two years, apart from the music, which is being composed by Eric E. Hache. Eric is an experienced composer who has worked on big games like InfinityGBC. Liran met Eric while searching for a composer for the demo, and he composed all of the tracks for ASTROMEDA. Eric has been a great friend and has offered help with various tasks throughout the game’s development. Learn more details on the official website.

ASTROMEDA Release Date, Platforms, and Playable Demo

ASTROMEDA is now on Kickstarter and Liran is trying to raise a minimum of 7500$ to complete the project as intended. Planned to be released on PC and Nintendo Switch, but also on Playstation 4 and 5 and Xbox if specific stretch goals are met. A playable demo is available on Itch.io while here the discord server where you can get in touch with Liran.


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