Guild of Ascension – New steam page

An interesting mix of action and strategy, thanks to the very dynamic and rapid turn-based battles. I tried the demo a while ago and had a lot of fun. Definitely a title to add to your wish list.

Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1 – New Release

Adventure with permanent choices and turn-based combats. This is not an episode game, but each chapter will be a story in itself. More info

Terran Shield: Edge of the Abyss – Kickstarter page

A strategy that takes its cue from X-Com Terror From the Deep, both for underwater settings and for combat mechanics. Here is the Kickstarter campaign page.

Terran Shield

Singularity: Tactics Arena – Early Access

An RPG with different endings that makes fights and loot its strong point. Inspired by great classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and D&D 5e. Here is our overview.

Spaceland – New release

The Tortuga Team, creators of the Braveland series, released their new title a few days ago, this time set in space. Much deeper and puzzled than its predecessors. I’m playing it and I’ll tell you mine soon.

Warsaw – New release

Many call it a Darkest Dungeons in World War. Surely there are many elements that distinguish it from the Red Hook Studios title. Soon our review.

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