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Singularity: Tactics Arena

Controls a party of four captives trapped by a mysterious entity within Facility 25 in this promising tactical turn-based, grid RPG.

Singularity: Tactics Arena Gameplay

Singularity: Tactics Arena is a tactical turn-based, grid RPG. The player controls a party of four captives trapped by a mysterious entity within Facility 25, a vast underground compound previously under the control of the Travelers Mandate, a covert agency dedicated to cataloging and studying anomalies. The party must use everything at their disposal, including various black market and experimental weapons, high-tech armor, and even augmenting their own bodies in order to survive.

Background story

In this universe parallel to our own, the Travelers Mandate is the international covert anomalous research and containment agency. An old organization with its origins shrouded in mystery, the Travelers Mandate has several doomsday scenarios, one of which just activated. The Seventh Sun Rises, indicating that a superintelligent AI has started doing… whatever superintelligent AI does.

Singularity Pc Game

The player character wakes up with three of their co-workers, just normal, average people not related to the Mandate at all. They quickly find out that their enigmatic captor is planning on pitting them against the remaining researchers, guards, and anomalies in Facility 25 in a fight to the death.

The player will need to survive and learn how to activate the Seventh Sun countermeasure if they are to escape, as well as uncovering the greatest secret of Facility 25.

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Key features

  • A robust RPG system that is easy to learn while still offering in-depth character building and combat.
  • Tactical turn-based, grid-based combat.
  • Four main classes, each with 2 unique subclasses that offer access to different skills. 
  • Loads of weapons, armor, items, and augments that can help players turn the tide against vastly more powerful enemies. 
  • 20 Arena floors with unique enemy types, each with their own attacks, weaknesses and special abilities.
  • Hundreds of lines of dialogue, the context of which depends on the choices you make. 
  • A personal story revolving around the technological singularity.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Cheats!
Singularity: Tactics Arena

About developer

Memory of Eternity is an indie developer studio struggling with his turn-based RPG inspired by the SCP Foundation and mechanics inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and D&D 5e.

Release date & platforms

Singularity: Tactics Arena will be released on Steam and with no release date yet. More info on the Kickstarter page.


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