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Best of the week 9-15 December

Written by Marcello TBL

Best of the week

ReversiQuest2 – Coming to steam with a release date


The pixeled turn-based Jrpg will come in January 2020. ReversiQuest2 is a tribute to 90s Jrpg with its single-player campaign, characters, and sounds. Steam page

Armorgeddon – Released


Test your skills and strategies as an armor commander in levels where the units change every time you play. Landscapes are treacherous in the war-torn future that is Armorgeddon. Steam page

Reiner Knizia Yellow & Yangtze – Released

Yellow & Yangtze

Lead your dynasty to victory in the Warring States period of ancient China in the new digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game from Tigris & Euphrates designer Reiner Knizia. Steam page

Might is Right – Available in early access

Might is Right Pc Game

An old-school turn-based RPG where we lead a group of up to 6 characters exploring the world map looking for treasures & completing quests. Here our overview, while here the steam page

Tales of Beasteria – Released

Tales of Beasteria

Tales of Beasteria is a turn-based strategy RPG inspired by Fire Emblem where we are the bad guy of the situation. Steam page

Gears Tactics – New trailer and release date

Gear Tactics - Announcement

During the Game Awards Gears Tactics finally shows itself with a new trailer and some further info about this spin-off of Gears of War Franchise. Gears Tactics will be available on April 28, 2020 on Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass. More info

Deep Sky Derelicts – New Expansion released

Deep Sky Derelicts Station Life

Station Life is the second expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts focusing on turning the station, your scavenger home and safe haven, into a more lively and versatile hub of scavenging operation. Learn all the details

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Announced

Ruined King Announced

Riot Forge, publishing team within Riot Games has just announced at the Game Awards their new project called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Learn more

Rui Castro facebook News

TBG Facebook

All turn-based games news in one place. Visit Rui Castro’s facebook group.

TBTactics latest bulletin

Tbt logo

The latest tbt bulletin with lots of good news. Here’s the link


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