BioSynth: Rising arrives on Kickstarter

Written by Marcello TBL

Biosynth Rising

The indie studio Neptune Games today is launching its game on Kickstarter. It’s an isometric party-based single-player classic RPG with turn-based combat, set in a sci-fi world full of robots, mutants, and all types of dangerous characters.

“When playing BioSynth, the player will feel immersed in such a lively world. The more he/she learns about it, the more he/she will want to stay in there…” said Mauro D’Andrea of Neptune Games. “All while having a ton of fun with the combat.”

The combat is highly strategic. The presence of both castable skills and destructible environmental objects makes the game seem like a futuristic Divinity Original Sin. The player can shoot a platform with an enemy on top and make it fall, thus damaging or even killing it; or, for example, it’s possible to shoot a damaged electric wire and make it emit a lightning towards a close character.

But the game isn’t just about combat. In fact, it features branched dialogs and a complex reputation system – with both global and faction reputations. Apparently, there will be many fascinating NPCs to meet and the player’s choice will change how some of them respond.

Get ready for the adventure and discover the marvels and dangers that await you. By backing the game today you can catch the limited early bird offer.

Visit the Kickstarter and claim your spot.

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