Classified: France ’44 – A Groundbreaking Leap in WWII Strategy Games

Written by Marcello TBL

Classified: France '44

The tides of history turn and reveal a thrilling journey back to the tumult of World War II as Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital unwrap their forthcoming strategy game, Classified: France ’44. For those immersed in the realm of strategy games, prepare for this stirring venture scheduled to launch in late 2023 on PC via Steam, promising a unique and immersive gameplay experience like never before!

Classified Gameplay Strategy

Welcome to the Battlefront…

The first gameplay video is unveiled, shining a light on the ambitious mechanics designed to challenge and redefine the turn-based tactics genre. Classified: France ’44 pioneers an innovative morale system where each discharged bullet echoes with consequential weight.

Gamers are tasked with mastering stealth and ambush strategies to overcome overwhelming enemy forces. The adaptable overwatch system equips players to identify and target looming threats, while the implementation of real-world fix-and-flank tactics allows for outmaneuvering and destroying enemy forces.

The Jedburghs: Bravery Brought to Light…

Classified: France ’44 finds inspiration in the untold stories of the Jedburghs—valiant Allied special forces who were parachuted into occupied France before D-Day. Players are drawn into the tumultuous weeks that led up to the pivotal Normandy landings. The extensive campaign, enriched by an RPG system, enables them to form a team of resilient soldiers and heroic French Resistance fighters. They will have the unique opportunity to choose missions, liberate regions, and potentially influence the outcome of D-Day.

The Crucial Engagements in ‘Classified: France ’44…

  1. The Arena of Strategy: The game faithfully recreates real-world military tactics. Players are nudged towards using stealth for ambushes, suppressing enemies with well-aimed fire, and flanking them once their morale dwindles.
  2. Unearthing the Unsung: Players are invited to lose themselves in a campaign built upon the heroic endeavors of Allied special forces in the days preceding the Normandy landings. They’ll form alliances with the French Resistance, fostering a unique and unforgettable team, each with their own individual skills, ideologies, and personalities.
  3. Sculpting the Shores of Normandy: They’ll embark on a branching and highly replayable campaign. Players assemble an elite team, engage with diverse political factions, confront demanding dilemmas, liberate key regions of France, and ultimately shape the success of the D-Day landings.
  4. The Battle Continues: ‘Classified: France ’44’ presents the Classified System and a mission editor for the PC community. Players can design and share their own narratives using the same tools employed in the game’s development. Future DLCs are set to expand this feature, introducing new adversaries, campaigns, and more.
Classified France '44 Gameplay

As Classified: France ’44 readies to deliver an immersive World War II experience, players find themselves at the forefront of strategic warfare, steering the course of D-Day while delving into untold narratives. History eagerly awaits their mark. Await the game’s launch, scheduled for later this autumn. ‘Classified: France ’44’ – History is in their hands!


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