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Heroes of Might and Magic-Like is ready to spread its wings on multiple platforms.

The weekly recap is back. Let’s start with The Dragoness: Command of the Flame, a strategy game crafted by Crazy Goat Games and brought to market by publisher PQube which is now preparing to spread its wings across multiple gaming platforms. The grand launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store and GOG is planned for August 10, while Nintendo Switch enthusiasts will have to wait until September 7.

The Dragoness

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame” hosts challenging turn-based skirmishes that draw inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic. Even defeat can be a stepping stone towards strength in the game’s roguelite adventures, where the peninsula’s evolving landscape promises resources, allies, artifacts, and foes. The Game is already available on Steam. Learn more about it.

The Caligula Effect 2 Soon on PS5

NIS America has announced the launch dates for the PlayStation 5 version of The Caligula Effect 2. The game will be released on October 17 in North America, followed by a European release on October 20. This is just a week after the Japanese release by FuRyu, scheduled for October 12.

The Caligula Effect Overdose

Key features of the game include unique battle mechanics involving the Imaginary Chain, which lets players predict enemy moves and strategize effectively. Players can recruit other students, engage in high-stakes battles, and challenge the virtuadoll Regret and her musicians.

The Caligula Effect 2 is already available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters New DLC

Frontier Developments and Complex Games are delighted to announce the upcoming release of the second major DLC for their critically lauded tactical turn-based strategy game, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters – Execution ForceArriving on PC on July 25, the expansion pack introduces four unique Assassin classes, adding a new dimension to the gameplay as Force Commanders contend with a menacing new Tentarus Hive threat and embark on thrilling Death Guard cruiser boarding missions.

Warhammer 40k Header

This DLC sees the introduction of the Officio Assassinorum, a covert organization with four highly trained assassins. Each assassin hails from one of the four major temples, and each comes with its own set of unique abilities designed to defeat the deadliest of foes. From long-range sniping with the Vindicare Assassin to close-quarters combat with the Eversor Assassin, disrupting psychic energies with the Culexus Assassin, and sowing confusion with the Callidus Assassin, players have a multitude of tactical options at their disposal. Learn more about the DLC.

Edge Of Eternity New Massive Update

The creators of Edge Of Eternity are thrilled to announce their latest update titled New Beginning now available. After a successful update in April, the new rollout promises an exciting revamp of the game’s start and introduces a procedural dungeon for players to explore.

Edge of Eternity Rpg

Despite having been in live development for almost a year, the creators of Edge Of Eternity are eager to continue improving the game, fixing bugs, and incorporating player feedback. They aim to launch a brand-new world map and loading screens in the upcoming months. Edge Of Eternity is available on PC via Steam & GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Here is the new update trailer.

No Body Announcement & Kickstarter Campaign

No Body, a tantalizing narrative-driven, turn-based action RPG, has triumphantly surpassed its Kickstarter goal and is now making a grand debut on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

No Body Screen

This gripping tale, drawing inspiration from the creative genius of UNDERTALE, the ominous atmosphere of Silent Hill, and the strange allure of Twin Peaks, presents a reality where four teenagers and their robotic accomplice are frantically trying to break free from an absurd and dangerous world. It appears no one could turn a blind eye to this campaign – the initial Kickstarter goal of $6,500 was reached and surpassed in a matter of hours. The stage is now set for stretch goals and additional content to amplify the remaining campaign days. More details here.

Reverse: 1999 – A Time-Traveller RPG Announced

Bluepoch Games, a Chinese developer and publisher, have confirmed that Reverse: 1999 is set to break barriers, journey across continents, and debut on Western shores on both PC and mobile platforms before the end of this year.

Players will summon an eclectic group of allies from across eras to aid them on their mission. They’ll find camaraderie among druids, occultist socialites, pirate radio DJs, and even a talkative apple familiar! Odd they may be, but their powers will be indispensable when faced with threats ranging from the mundane to the mystical.

Reverse: 1999 Gameplay

Prepare to engage in stylish, turn-based RPG combat. Players will draw from a deck of party powers, matching cards to amplify abilities. With tactical acumen, they can earn Moxie and unleash show-stopping Ultimate attacks. Details and trailer can be found here.

Classified: France ’44 Gameplay Revealed

The tides of history turn and reveal a thrilling journey back to the tumult of World War II as Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital unwrap their forthcoming strategy game, Classified: France ’44. For those immersed in the realm of strategy games, prepare for this stirring venture scheduled to launch in late 2023 on PC via Steam, promising a unique and immersive gameplay experience like never before!

Classified France '44 Gameplay

The first gameplay video is unveiled, shining a light on the ambitious mechanics designed to challenge and redefine the turn-based tactics genre. Classified: France ’44 pioneers an innovative morale system where each discharged bullet echoes with consequential weight.

Gamers are tasked with mastering stealth and ambush strategies to overcome overwhelming enemy forces. The adaptable overwatch system equips players to identify and target looming threats, while the implementation of real-world fix-and-flank tactics allows for outmaneuvering and destroying enemy forces.  Await the game’s launch, scheduled for later this autumn.

New Releases of the week – What To Play

Rising Spire (E.A.)

Rising Spire, an intriguing blend of classic turn-based adventure game with modern twists, has been released in Early Access on Steam. This monumental milestone comes after three years of hard work, multiple iterations, and invaluable support from Kickstarter backers by a small studio composed of a programmer, an artist, and a writer.

In Rising Spire Act 1, players are introduced to Atlas, a young and orphaned Nephilim, who embarks on a quest to protect those dear to him. As the narrative unfolds, players will witness Atlas discover dark secrets and grapple with the complexities of war, understanding that each conflict has two sides.

Rising Spire Gameplay

The initial Early Access release of Rising Spire offers a variety of content, including eight unique enemies, two boss encounters, two weapons for Atlas, two party members, and a classic turn-based combat system. Additionally, the game incorporates a day and night cycle, camping and cooking elements, and even an optional character arc for players to explore.


After a period in Early Access, Oaken, the strategic roguelite developed by Laki Studios and published by Goblinz Publishing, is finally available in its version 1.0. Players can expect to explore countless new levels, confront formidable bosses, and refine their spells and spirits to suit their individual playstyle.


The addition of achievements for the peaceful ending and the new world, alongside Japanese localization, adds an extra layer of depth and accessibility to the game. On PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Demon Lord Reincarnation

Demon Lord Reincarnation is a unique-style dungeon-crawler RPG where players assemble a party of four heroes from a diverse range of over 20 unique character types and explore the dungeons filled with hordes of monsters and demons.

Demon Lord Reincarnation

Engage in challenging turn-based battles where decisions carry significant consequences, risking the permanent loss of party members. Adaptability is key, as new skills can be unlocked during battles, ranging from powerful attacks to cunning maneuvers. Navigate treacherous mazes, find safe havens to recover and prepare, while being wary of lurking monsters. Give the game a try on Steam.

Let’s Revolution

Developed by BUCK & Antfood, Let’s Revolution is a unique combination of deductive tile-flipping, similar to Minesweeper, and tactical turn-based strategy. Players will have the opportunity to play as one of six characters, each with their own twist on the basic game mechanics. Let’s! Revolution! takes place in the Kingdom of Beebom, a land plagued by a vain and despotic King.

Let's! Revolution!

Players will have to embark on a perilous journey through the lands of Beebom, hunting down the repugnant King, and gearing up along the way with powerful items and abilities for a final showdown in Beebom City. You can find my gameplay up on the right. On PC via Steam

The Book of Warriors

The Book of Warriors is a thrilling Roguelike fusion, offering warriors a journey full of challenges and surprises in a dangerous and mysterious world.

The Book Of Warriors

Assemble a team of three to face boss challenges, experimenting with various heraldry combinations and coordinating partner roles for unique experiences in dynamically changing levels. On Steam

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

The original Punch Club was an astonishingly deep training sim with a rise-to-glory tale about an aspiring fighter. Punch Club 2 takes the same concept and puts it into a cyberpunk setting, offering new challenges and new moves for dealing with them!

Punch Club 2

Players must manage their fighter’s time, money, and growth to have a shot at a championship. Best of all, the game’s dystopian setting is brought to life with some slick pixel art. Even if boxing isn’t your thing, give the demo for Punch Club 2 a try – you might find yourself drawn in! On PC via Steam.

Xenonauts 2 E.A

For those seeking a more faithful experience to the mechanics of the original XCOM, I mean the ones from Julian Gollop’s, Xenonauts 2 has been released in early access a few days ago. The strategic title developed by Goldhawk Interactive and published by Hooded Horse has improved every aspect of the first installment of the series, providing a content-rich adventure even in its early access version.

Xenonauts 2

You can learn more about it with our written preview or check out the detailed video from Unkim that you can find here.

Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross

One should pay close attention to this remarkable RPG, for it holds more than meets the eye. It should not be underestimated, and the unpronounceable title should not deter anyone. Behind Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross lies an intriguing fusion of RPG and deck-building mechanics, boasting a captivating twist in how players manage their fellow travelers on this adventurous journey.

The Knights of the Cross

Indeed, to fully harness the unique abilities of the companions, the player must meticulously structure their deck and carefully strategize the sequence of cards employed. The exquisite pixel art adds a delightful touch, while the well-crafted character growth system enhances the overall experience.

Players can embrace the challenge on their PC via Steam and immerse themselves in the world of The Knights of the Cross, where untold wonders await exploration and mastery.

Cross Tails

Cross Tails is a captivating strategy RPG that follows the story of two groups of animals, Hundians and Felis, in a world where dogs and cats live together.

The game features over 60 stages with multiple endings, allowing players to experience different routes via multiple playthroughs. With four difficulty levels, players can choose the challenge level that suits their skills. Cross Tails also offers a skill tree system with over 30 job classes to develop allies and unlock various passive skills.

Cross Tails

Players can combine jobs and skills to enjoy a wide range of battle styles. Cross Tails is now available on PC via Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Railroads & Catacombs: Prologue

As we draw this video to a close, I’d like to spotlight the final game, Railroads & Catacombs. This game is an intensely atmospheric tactical survival strategy game. Its dark tones may invoke parallels with Darkest Dungeon, yet it presents a unique combat system that sets it apart.

Railroads & Catacombs

Though it’s not the full release of the game that’s currently available, but rather its enticing free prologue, it’s absolutely worth a playthrough. This brief introduction gives players a chance to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and explore the immersive and intriguing world it’s set in. On Steam.


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