Space Cats Tactics Available on PC

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Space Cats Tactics Overview

Prepare to cat-apult yourself into an epic turn-based tactical RPG gameSpace Cats Tactics! Available NOW on Steam for just $14.99/€14.79, this is a great chance to command the spaceship of dreams and embark on a heart-pounding journey across the cosmos.

Space Cats Tactics

In Space Cats Tactics, each decision has the potential to shape the trajectory of the adventure. Players navigate through dangerous asteroid fields and ominous clouds of gas, engaging in high-intensity space battles against formidable enemies. This requires tactical prowess, managing the brave crew and strategizing their locations to harness the ship’s maximum potential.

In between missions, players can upgrade their ship and manage the delicate dynamics of their crew. Each crew member has unique abilities, and managing these relationships can be the difference between ignominious defeat and resounding victory.

Space Cat Tactics

Mitzi Games also provides a FREE demo for those eager to get a taste of the action. Brace for an immersive gaming experience that’s truly out of this world!

Stepping into the boots of Captain Mitzi, a cat-human hybrid, players aren’t just any space mercenary – they’re a celebrated member of the fearless feline warriors. The quest begins with a simple ship smuggling operation, but what unfurls is an adventure as vast and deep as the universe itself.


Space Cats Tactics, a jewel from the stables of Mitzi Games, is a tactical turn-based RPG set in a mesmerizing space opera universe. It expertly fuses intricate tactical combat with detailed inside-ship crew management, delivering a gaming experience that will challenge even the most strategic minds.

As Captain Mitzi, players symbolize the spirit of rebellion and the struggle for freedom. Born of a species originally created as slave warriors, the space cats fought back, earning their independence and respect.

Navigating through the farthest reaches of space, players can expect to be dazzled by stunning visuals, engaged by unique NPC encounters, and captivated by a riveting storyline. Will players opt for diplomacy or go in guns blazing when the odds are stacked against them?


  • Engaging turn-based tactical combat in grueling space battles
  • Dynamic battle conditions requiring quick thinking and adaptability
  • Deep combat system with a range of weapons, attacks, abilities, and consumables
  • Intricate crew management: The right cat in the right place could change the game!
  • Ship customization and upgrades, ensuring a unique gaming experience every time
  • Exploration of the awe-inspiring cosmos, helping troubled ships or exploring derelicts for random NPC encounters
  • An engaging space opera story with choices leading to varying outcomes.

Step into the captivating world of Space Cats Tactics. The universe awaits, Captain!


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