Cyber Knights: Flashpoint funded in less than 12 hours

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Cyber Knights

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint has started its Kickstarter run with a bang: Trese Brothers Games’ follow-up to the wildly successful, award-winning RPG Star Traders: Frontiers, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint has already raised more than $65,000 – exceeding its $50,000 Kickstarter goal in less than 12 hours.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is a turn-based squad tactics RPG inspired in part by fan favorite X-COM. The game will initially have a cross-platform launch on Steam in March 2021. Android and iOS ports have also been announced.

In Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, you’ll get to explore the dystopian cyberpunk future of 2231 as you command a company of shadow mercenaries working for the highest bidder. Expanding on the studio’s extensive world-building experience, the game wraps a world full of consequential story choices and significant character development around a core of both classic and brand-new strategy gameplay mechanics. Cyber Knights: Flashpoint combines tactical elements such as stealth, hacking and combat with base building, managing competing contacts, and squad customization.

With Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, the team at Trese Brothers Games has woven together with classic cyberpunk themes, a truly unique setting, and memorable characters – creating some of the most cutting, gripping, and human stories the studio has ever told. Betrayal, trust, sacrifice, revenge, testing the bonds of friendship, living fast and dying young, trading your humanity for competitive advantage: It’s all here under the New Boston dome.

Be sure to visit the Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Kickstarter page for the full scoop – and join the Trese Brothers Games Discord server to stay in touch with the team!

Key features

  • Turn-Based Tactics: Deep and tactical gameplay using a turn-based, gridless third-person combat simulator.
  • Stunning Cyberpunk Setting: Cyber Knights invites you to explore the unique cyberpunk world of 2231!
  • Covert Missions: Mix stealth, hacking, and combat across multi-stage missions. Gain pre-mission advantages from Contacts!
  • Evolving Characters: Your team evolves through your choices. Traits and lasting wounds threaten to strip their humanity.
  • Threaded Stories: Interwoven narrative with depth, meaningful player choices, and hundreds of hours of gameplay. 
  • Endless Builds: Experiment with endless combos of Jobs, cyberware, weapons and gadgets to build the perfect team.
  • Safehouse Base Building: Customize your safe houses and upgrade rooms such as weapon shop, hund kennel, and medical bay.

About the Developer

Founded in 2010, Trese Brothers Games is one of the premier indie game development studios for desktop and mobile RPG and strategy games. With eight games on major game platforms and markets, Trese Brothers Games boasts millions of players … and counting! The studio is built on the combined skills of two brothers: Cory, the engineering ninja – and Andrew, the creative visionary. To learn more about Trese Brothers Games, please visit

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