Deepest Chamber: Resurrection Introduces a New Playable Hero

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Deepest Chamber

The developers have announced the first milestone on their Deepest Chamber’s 2023 roadmap, introducing a new playable class named Arlo the Huntsman. Arlo is a skilled hunter with a trusted wolf companion, and players can add him to their party on the second floor of the game’s catacombs biome.

Deepest Chamber New Hero

In addition to the new champion, the game will also feature new content in the form of the catacombs biome, which has a story closely tied to the Pope’s arrival in Dolmin. Players can expect friends and foes to join the fray, offering blessings and burdens to either aid or hinder their journey through the game.

The developers have promised to deliver new content on a timely basis and have released full patch notes for the update, which includes 35 new cards, 8 new trinkets, 5 new events, 8 new equipments, and 5 new potions, among other updates and bug fixes.

Deepest Chamber fans should mark their calendars and get ready to explore the catacombs with Arlo the Huntsman as they continue their descent into the depths.

Below an overview of the game via Steam

roguelite strategic deck builderDeepest Chamber: Resurrection challenges players to endure a series of increasingly demanding descents into the murky depths of a dying city. With the odds stacked firmly against them, three heroes set out to blaze a trail through the darkness and rescue their people from a fate worse than death. 

Easy to learn, hard to master: Face an unforgiving roguelite campaign which emphasizes replayability by employing various difficulty modifiers.

It’s dangerous to go alone: Vast amount of cards, items and trinkets to create your favorite builds and combos.

Mighty handy: boost your cards to pack a more powerful punch and synergize their buffs with different items and mechanics.

Balancing Act: The hero party system allows players to enlist three out of four possible champions at the start of their run. Each hero has cards, abilities and equipment dedicated to their class, adding an extra layer of planning and strategy with each descent.

Run for your lives: Apart from regular runs, in which heroes retain some of the loot won on previous descents, players can employ Death March mode, in which equipment stats are ignored, for an even more ruthless experience.

Ruins explorer: Uncover secrets while exploring the depths and find hidden areas, rare cards, powerful relics and elite monsters.


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