With version 0.4 comes the next content update for Dorfromantik. The team is currently in the middle of their final project for the master’s degree at university. However, they didn’t want to miss the chance to give all players a little joy for the wintertime.

They want to thank you for the support during all this time and are already looking forward to the upcoming 1.0 release next spring and are excited to share more news soon!

New Biome – ‘Midwinter’
The newest biome ‘Midwinter’ is here! Grab something warm to drink, get cozy and enjoy the new winter dress for Dorfromantik. The biome is already unlocked for all players during the Steam Winter Event. After that you will be able to unlock it permanently for your game by completing the new “Landscaper V Challenge”.

New Challenges & Achievements
Matching the new Midwinter Biome there are of course again many new variations of all Special Tiles. Some also bring completely new challenges with achievements:

  • Challenge Puzzler VII

– Place 250 consecutive tiles without connecting any incompatible edges.

  • Challenge Heavy Weight VII

– Place 250 consecutive tiles without rotating a tile.

  • Challenge Landscaper V

– Place down 4000 tiles in total.

The detailed changelog with more info on bugfixes etc for 0.4 can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1455840/view/4894847933365767104

Dorfromantik on Steamhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1455840/Dorfromantik/


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