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The story of Dual Gear begins in the year 2069. The terrorist group, Watchmaker, begins to attack everywhere of the UNR territories (former United Nations countries). This group puts the Earth into a new era of conflicts.

The UNR, among some important scientifics, established the independent special task force under the name, N.E.M.O.S. Their objective is to create extraordinary mecha troops to fight in the conflicts. Veteran pilots and young promises have been recruited to put an end to Watchmaker using these mecha units.

Gameplay: Combat

The combat system is turn-based with some real-time elements. Your units move first and then is the enemies’ turn. In your turn you have an energy gauge limit for your actions. You can move and attack the enemies, you can dash to avoid the enemies counterattacks while it’s full. Also, you can reserve some energy to do some post-movement actions like guarding. Between your units’ turns you will see the battle map to choose your next movement and you can speed up the enemies animations to advance in the battle faster.

When you are moving or you are going to attack an enemy, they can counterattack you before. You can evade these attacks using your energy gauge, but you don’t have enough to activate some other actions. Every unit starts with a weapon sets and default shoots/melee attacks for them, but you can unlock new weapon skills with the credits obtained after win a battle.

Dual Gear Combat

Gameplay: Customization

Between missions, you will be at the Headquarters’ menu. In this screen, you can equip the items received after battles, you can buy new equipment, you can upgrade them (using credits), you can change the parts of the units, even their colour…there are a lot of customization options. Also, you will choose your next mission too. It only has one problem, the font size is small, I’ve tried several screen resolutions, but it makes it uncomfortable to read.

Dual Gear Unit Example
Captain Pink is Ready for action!

What to expect

Actually, the game is on Early Access and a lot of polishing is needed. There are only the tutorials and 3 story missions. The devs will add more story missions, among some new modes and improvements on the skirmish one. Enemy tactics will be reviewed for more diverse battles. Finally, they are going to include more customization options and more weapons and skills. It looks promising at this moment, but we’ll see what the future holds.


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