Infested Fortress, the highly anticipated roguelike strategy game from Bitmen Studios will arrive on PC via Steam in Early Access on the 2nd of March 2023. In this challenging game, players dig deeper into the mountain to collect resources to build their fortress, grow their population and keep them alive, and fend off dangerous monsters threatening their colony in turn-based tactical combat.

As players delve deeper into the mountain, they will encounter increasingly deadly monsters attracted by the resources they collect. Train troops to learn new skills and use available resources to produce better equipment, while also providing inhabitants with food and acceptable living conditions.

Infested Fortress

Players must keep an eye on the satisfaction and morale of their troops, as they engage in highly tactical turn-based combat where their decisions will mean the difference between victory and defeat. With features such as digging deeper into the mountain to obtain more materials, building a base to sustain your people, refining materials to craft better gear, and growing your population while keeping them happy, Infested Fortress is sure to provide a challenging and engaging gameplay experience for fans of strategy games.


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