Persona 3 Portable Audio Problems Could Be Fixed by an Upcoming Patch

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PErsona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden

The news of a remaster always makes Persona fans happy. After the success of the Persona 4 Golden release on Steam, the developer continued to release another remaster. This time, It’s Personal 3 Portable.

Well, similar to the Persona 4, Persona 3 Portable has some goods and flaws. The addition, Persona 3 FES, makes the problems disappear while creating the most memorable time of the Persona 3 game.

However, despite the cheers and excitement, some fans do have some critics about the newly released game. Many users have reported lags and other performance problems when playing the Persona 3 Portable game released on Steam.

Many have speculated that this has to do with the missing FES version. However, the speculation hasn’t been tested and is still questionable. Aside from the performance, another issue that’s commonly happening is audio problems.

While the game may run smoothly, the audio sounds to be glitchy at times. People have said that the audio quality is bad because it sounds to heavily compressed to minimize the game size. Remember that this game was initially produced for a portable console, so having a small size should be mandatory.

Unfortunately, the developers seem to haven’t implemented the newer, higher-quality audio to the remaster. But hopefully, with the coming updates, these problems can be gone for good. The game itself is already released on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Series X/S.

If you own a Steam account, feel free to download the Persona 3 Portable to complete the Persona 4 and 5 that were previously released. When downloading a game, you can make the speed goes faster by installing the proper VPN for that. So, use VPN for gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games, or even Game Pass. It’s safer that way, and plus, you can also get a higher internet connection.

About The Persona 3 Portable on PC: Is It Good?

The game, Persona 3 Portable was first released on Playstation Portable in November 2009. The first launch was in Japan, and then in America in 2010. Europe got it last in 2011. Persona 3 Portable, which can now be bought from Steam is the remastered version of the Portable classic.

Although in the PSP we got the P3P FES, we still got no news about the expansions on Steam. Hopefully, Atlus may consider releasing it soon following the game’s recent trends. As for the GamePass, both Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable were just released. The subscribers, can own and play these games for free!

Compared to the newer Persona games, Persona 3 Portable has special charms in it. The gameplay is overall the same, which is turn-based, but outside of battle, you can’t simply walk around the environment as you do in Persona 4 or Persona 5. Instead, it’ll turn into a point-to-click game where you can interact and move from place to place by clicking the icons.

Persona 3 Portable is one of the titles that has left the most impression on Persona fans, especially Persona 3. How will the remaster survive in 2023?

P3P is a difficult choice when you play Persona 3. What is a problem for most players is the lack of content from Persona 3 FES, because unfortunately that part is not presented as a bonus for this one remaster either.

This is unfortunate because Persona 4 Golden (which was also released on STEAM) was arguably the complete version of Persona 4. Meanwhile, Persona 3 Portable feels like a less-than-optimal version of Persona 3 due to the absence of FES content.

Even so, the story and Social Link of both the male and female versions of P3P are good on their own.

Of course, for more powerful platforms, various high-resolution modes are also added to this game. Even with the Ryzen 5 4600G, this game can run at 1080p and 120 fps once VSync is turned off.

As showcased in Persona 5 Royal, Shoji Meguro’s music in this P3P PC adaptation becomes a more solid remastered area to listen to in the background.

The story can be just as cool, unfortunately, the lack of animated cutscenes makes the weaknesses even more visible for adaptation to PC. At the time this might have been understandable because P3P used to be for PSP.

But once it was remastered for PC and other platforms, these flaws stood out.

If you don’t play with a gamepad or maybe Steam Deck, which seems to be where this game is intended, the mouse control system that requires you to drag the cursor feels like an odd choice to navigate the 2D map format in the PSP version.

It’s a shame that without anything new and moreover, the lack of FES events makes this game even less of a surprise.


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