The Strategy Game From Hell – Solium Infernum

Written by Marcello TBL


Solium Infernum is a highly anticipated PC game set to release in 2023 on PC via Steam that brings new life to the beloved cult classic of Vic Davis. This game immerses players into a treacherous and demonic world, where they fight for the Throne of Darkness using deep turn-based strategies and commanding their own sinister army.

As a player, you must master the five spheres of evil: Wrath, Deceit, Prophecy, Destruction, and Charisma to outwit, backstab, and dominate your foes. With a gameplay reveal, players can preview the all-new single-player scenarios or challenge friends in asynchronous multiplayer matches.

Summon Legions and Titans and take on the role of one of the eight great Archfiends, with sessions ranging from 2-4 hours to epic week-long six-player matches. This makes it a versatile game that can fit into any schedule, with matches requiring only a few minutes each day to play.

If you’re a fan of strategy games and want to immerse yourself in a world of politics, intrigue, and betrayal, Solium Infernum is the game for you.


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